Friday, July 31, 2009

{weekend essentials} Seafair 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, it has arrived. The weekend to rival all weekends. It's better than Christmas, it makes the 4th of July look like a day at Grandma's wading pool, and it's the one time each year all your friends wish they lived in Seattle. It's Seafair 2009, and I'm excited.

No matter where you're celebrating this glorious holiday (a boat, a houseboat, a house on the water, a raft, the boom, Seward Park, Leschi, Madison Park, Mercer Island, your own backyard), I have assembled 10 tips that will surely enhance your seafairing experience.

So start bribing your friends with the best plans and the biggest boats, slather on the SPF 4, and gear down to your favorite swimwear - it's time to wet & wild.

1. Why not treat yourself to a round of mimosas or Bloody Marys to kick things into high gear straight away? Just don't forget breakfast while you're at it...nothing botches a perfect Seafair day like throwing up and being put to bed before noon.

2. Treat yourself to a new pair of cheap sunglasses. You'll probably lose them in the lake by the end of the day, but hey, hopefully someone will compliment you on them or take your picture before that happens.

3. Make sure to get wherever you're going early. FYI: I-90 closes from 12:45 to 2:40 p.m.

4. Consider investing in a few disposable cameras for you and your friends for the weekend. (You could even splurge on a waterproof one!) it's a a fun (and all but forgotten) surprise for everyone to see what develops the next day. And if you happen to sacrifice a camera to the SeaFair gods, no big deal. Trust the girl whose on her fifth digital camera, losing the real deal is the worst.

5. If you're on a boat, you better hope your driver is at least mostly sober. The water police do not mess around, and BUIs are real. On that note, I gotta tell all my SeaFair loving friends - be safe all the time, whether you are driving or not. Watch out for boats when you're swimming around. It's going to be hot, so drink some water with your booze :)

6. Wear something silly or bad ass. Tie a scarf/bandanna around your head. Rock some neon. Bust out the short-shorts. Borrow stuff from your dad. Find some water wings. This is a holiday that involves pirates landing at Alki, so I'm pretty sure anything goes.

7. Put yourself in a prime viewing spot for the Blue Angels. They are amazing. Duh.

8. Two words: life-jacket diaper. Put your legs through the arm-holes, buckle up and jump in. This maneuver gives you just the right amount of buoyancy to float comfortably above the surface, drink in hand.

9. Don't be a mooch. Thank your host or hostess profusely, and chip in for gas, food and drinks.

10. Finally, have the best time ever, and then tell me all about it. If you manage to remember some great stories or take some amazing photos, send them to me ( and I'll post 'em on SUILTSOY next week!

Here's to Seafair 2009! See you on the other side.

after sunset...

"The summer night is like a perfection of thought. "

~Wallace Stevens

Thursday, July 30, 2009

summer love for d. Krug and Mr. Jolie...

Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger looking classic and cool at an Inglorious Bastards event in Berlin on July 28. D. Krug's Louis Vuitton dress is one of those perfect little numbers you always wish you had in your closet for a summer party. The color, the bow, the sailor buttons, and of course, the pockets, make it a truely covetable piece. Having Brad Pitt on your arm doesn't hurt, either.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

shut up Lily Allen, i love that Chanel on you...

So I just came across these shots of Lily Allen for Chanel Handbags, shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Personally, I think they're great. This may be because a) I love just about anything Chanel, b) I tend to worship at the alter of the Kaiser and c) Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my all-time favorite movies.

Can I afford a new Chanel bag for fall? No. Do I own a tiara? Tragically, no. But those amazing, big, black sunglasses in the photo on the right can't be too expensive, and a little black and white glamour is something anyone can pull off.

So thanks for the aspirational inspiration Chanel, I'll take it.

mid-week music moment...

A sexy little something for this hot summer day...

Al Green, "L-O-V-E (love)"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

just when you thought you'd seen it all... discover a bunch of great fashion blogs you hadn't seen before...

Show Me Your Wardrobe

Disney Roller Girl

Stockholm Street Style

Inside-Out (TopShop)

Discotheque Confusion

Fashion Toast

Knight Cat

Happy procrastination on this sweltering Northwest Tuesday...


(image from Stockholm Street Style)

fall trend alert: boyish oxfords for girls...

I know - its not even August yet. And I (mostly) hate to think about fall in the midst of such a glorious summer (am i right, Seattle?) But in my browsings of the August glossies and the various fashion blogs I frequent, there is one trend I cannot ignore. I also can't decide if I'm on board with it. Allow me to introduce you to what very well may become the new ballet flat: the oxford.

(photos from The Cut (by Hannah Whitaker) and the Pipeline)

So OK, most of us don't have legs like that. But I'm trying to picture myself, circa mid-October, jaunting around Seattle (/New York City...) in those little black & white or gold things with dark skinny jeans and a slouchy grey sweater, Paris bag & americano in hand. Or what about with black tights and a dress? I kind of like it. I can see these as a nice transition between ballet flat season and boots/socks season. So what about you, my darling readers? Girls, are you into it? Guys, would you like to see a gal rocking these kicks? (Go ahead, vote & leave a comment, too. I dare you.)

Now give it to me straight - Oxfords for girls:

  • Fab. (25 votes)
  • Woof. (13 votes)

Monday, July 27, 2009

seen @ cap hill block party

Two of these girls decided to party sans shoes.  I really like each of their outfits, especially the dress on the girl in the middle. The sparkling lace overlay is gorgeous.

It helps that this guy is really cute, but he makes a tank top look good. Also love that he's mixing stripes.

Typical cap hill.

LOVE her outfit. The mix of bright colors is perfect for summer, her necklaces are awesome, and she's just one of the many girls I saw rocking out cowboy boots with their mini-skirts that night.

If you ask me, it was a little hot for a leather jacket, but its definitely a look.

My friend Timothy.

A few cocktails deep at Havana, in the ladies room, and I wish i had gotten her boots in the photo. But her dress is adorable and i love the Foley + Corina bag.

I grabbed this guy outside the ladies room, it was his idea to run back in there and do...that. I also initially thought that shirt was a scarf, but whatever works, it was hot!

Our saucy server at Havana.

Mini skirts, stripes & cross-body bags. It was a pretty standard uniform for the night.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

funny gal vs. some ugly truth...

So here we have two very funny, very beautiful actresses. On the left is Leslie Mann at the premiere of Funny People, and on the right, Katherine Heigl, at the premiere of The Ugly Truth. I want to see both of these new movies, and I loved L. Mann and Kath together in Knocked Up. Remember how funny they were with the bouncer at the club? I need to watch that again.

So, here's what I don't understand. How did two such savvy, gorgeous, successful women end up in these matchy-matchy shoes-and-dress combo outfits? I think they are both kind of terrible. (and also that they both look better blonde, but that's perhaps besides the point) Am I right?

Still, one of them has to be declared the winner, because I said so. And I can't decide who looks better. Initially I want to go with Leslie because of the color, but part of me also is leaning towards Katherine because of those shoes.

Lets put it to a vote: Pink-on-pink Leslie or neutral-on-neutral Katherine?

  • Leslie Mann (7 votes)
  • Katherine Heigl (10 votes)
  • I refuse to acknowledge that either of them look OK. (3 votes)
  • They both look great! What are you talking about? (4 votes)

a little fashionism...

"Fashion is like the id. It makes you desire things you shouldn't. "

~Bob Morris

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

this is amazing...

(click to see a version not cut off by my parameters)

I saw this on the quirky cool blog Madame Lamb. As a devotee of The Sartorialist (and his lady love, Garance Dore), I have always fantasized about being discovered on the street. At least now I know what to do.

Don't be surprised if you see me riding around downtown Seattle pretending to smoke a cigarette on my beach cruiser wearing all black, 35 bracelets and bright green shoes...

mid-week music moment...

My friend Megan introduced me to this song during my sophomore year of college. It stil never fails to set the tone for a perfect summer day.

ALO & Jack Johnson, "Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down."

more garance love...

You guys, I am literally obsessed with everything Garance Dore says, wears, name it.

Here, a great article from Refinery 29 wherein we get a glimpse into what Mme. Dore loves, wears & lives.

(Above photos by Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, of course.)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a little place called Vegas...

The lobby of the Palazzo Hotel

Tulls & G getting strapped in for Thursday night @ The Palms

The view from Moon @ The Palms

Azure @ the Palazzo

The set of 'Le Reve' cirque de soleil show at The Wynn

6 girls. 1 suite. about 16 pairs.


Getting pretty.

Practicing our best moves for DJ am...


Pool at the Palazzo


Friday, July 17, 2009

good morning from sin city...

It doesn't get much better than Waking Up in Vegas with five of your best friends; listening to Katy Perry and recapping the adventures of night one. No tiger in the bathroom, thankfully.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


Off to Las Vegas for a long weekend of strong drinks and scandalous fashions. Check back Monday for show and tell :)


what happens in Vegas...

"There was madness in any direction, at any hour. You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning. "

Raoul Duke, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

seen @ campagne Bastille party...

Une petite fille...

diggin' the motorcycle boots...

could NOT get close to the cancan dancers...

love the porkpie chapeau!

a trio of stylish revolutionaries...

close up...