Monday, December 28, 2009

...everybody's dancing in the moonlight...

The most overrated night of the year? A glorified, overpriced, fustercluck of a bar night? Just another house party... but with a countdown?

That kind of pessimism is not welcome at SUILTSOY. New Years Eve is a glorious and fancy holiday that I look forward to every year. What other night is it completely appropriate and absolutely encouraged to wear as many sequins as you can get your little manicured paws on?

Clearly, I love NYE. Moment of truth though - this year I'm not as jazzed usual. My family has spent the week after Christmas in Sun Valley, Idaho every year since I can remember, and that has always included New Years. Due to my retail sales (er - returns...) obligations this holiday season, I will be spending it in Seattle.

Alas, no frolicking in the frozen wonderland that is Sun Valley, chilling cheap champagne in snowbanks and getting door-to-door service from the local bus drivers...
So let's start from the bottom and work our way up, shall we? Here are my favorite picks for shoes to help you dance the night away:

$99.95 by Dolce Vita at Nordstrom
So, these hidden-platform pumps just scream NYE to me. Yes, they also sort of scream 'disco diva' but I don't think that's a bad thing (the silver accents on the toe are sort-of badass as well). The thicker heel makes this a more comfortable and dance-worthy choice, so you can do the hustle all night long...
$179.95$158.90 by Sam Edelman at
These peep-toe multi-textured shoes are busy. And fancy. Two of my favorite things. The detailing and design on these bad boys will make them the focal-point of your NYE ensemble. I would rock them out with charcoal tights and a simple body-con dress in black or another solid color.
$465.00$309.90 by Elizabeth and James at Nordstrom
Leave it to the Olsens to design a perfectly slouchy-but-sexy suede bootie. This is the shoe to wear when you want the rest of your outfit to do the talking. This is the shoe to wear with matte tights and a wild little frock and tons of bling.
A few more pieces of fancy footwork...
Moving on up the stems... if you'll be spending NYE in a cold climate like moi, you might want to give your legs an extra layer of warmth. Even in warmer climbs, nylons can add flair and polish to your look.
$24.00 by Annie at Urban Outfitters
$14.00 at Urban Outfitters
As I noted in a previous post, I'm a sucker for a great pair of lace tights right now... so that's where my head is at with that. Now, moving on to the big show: the dress. Maybe some of you casual ladies out there will be sporting some jeans/top combo, but you can look elsewhere for guidance with that. On this blog, NYE is about glamour, glitter and legs, legs, legs! So save those jeans for New Years Day brunch, would ya?

$152.97 by Warehouse at Asos
I'll tell you right now, this is THE dress I want for NYE 2010. Maybe not this exact dress, but a black, long sleeved, full-sequin, mini-dress is what I am craving. This one looks about right, though I'll need to do like 300 crunches to make sure I'm feeling at least sort-of tight enough to pull off a dress this fitted. I just want to wear this with charcoal tights and simple, hot, black heels... and my fur jacket. Is that too much to ask?
Oh, what's that you say? more sequins??
So many options, so much sparkle. Granted, I understand if a fully sequined dress isn't really isn't what you have in mind for NYE. There are so, so, many other festive options that can give you plenty of spice and glamour, without all the sparkle.
$280.00 by Tucker at
Ooohhh goodie goodie I love this dress. Is it potentially so short that it should be classified as a tunic? Maybe. But I like to think that this model has an especially long torso and/or legs. So if you feel like channeling your inner wild kitty, pair this dress with very opaque black tights and black heeled booties.
Even on a night as (at least in my mind) glitzy as NYE, there's something so right about an LBD. There's one (or 10) for every style, and same goes for every body-type. The one above is not for the faint of heart. It's fitted to the nines. I'd love to see this one with can't-miss-them floral tights, huge chandelier earrings, and lots of bracelets.
So, what else?
I posted about party purses here, fun bling here, and other goodies here. I believe all of you lovely and amazing readers out there have all the inspiration and fashionista intuition to put together a fabulous New Years look. And if you throw on your best jammies and spend the night watching the ball drop in Times Square on TV, thats okay, too.
It's all about love in 2010, baby.

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