Thursday, December 17, 2009

epic holiday party: dress me!

Champagne. Cookies. Lights. Mistletoe.

I dare you to tell me what's better in December than a really, really, great holiday party. My dear and darling friend Caitlin's family hosts an absolutely amazing Christmas party at their home in West Seattle every year. It's a guarenteed night of festive drinks, old friends and dancing into the early morning.

I'm thinking of treating myself to a new dress for the occasion, but obviously, the Marc Jacobs frock i posted about last week is just a little out of my price range. (Though I did see it in person at Nordstrom the other day, and I have to say - it really is beautiful.) Thanks to my little job in retail (and the delicious holiday discounts Urban Outfitters Inc. gives its lovely employees at all three stores) I can get a fab dress at an even fabber price.

So here's what I'm considering...

This 'Flight of the Swans' dress from Anthropologie is majorly on sale now ($79.95) and I've loved it since it first arrived in October. (It sparkles and has pockets!) I imagine it with gold jewelry, black tights and black heels.

$98.00 at Urban Outfitters

So, normally I'm not really one for strapless dresses. They tend to accentuate that little thing every girl has and no amount of weight-training can get rid of: armpit fat. However, I figure that if I spend the night with one elbow popped and a hand on my hip, and the other waving a cocktail around, maybe it will never appear. With a solid color pair of tights and fun shoes? And a statement necklace or chandelier earrings? No?

$78.00 by Free People at

Ok now this dress is really saucy and sparkly. And short. I realize this. Just imagine for a minute though, that i have a black tunic-length tank underneith that has a thicker strap (almost like a wife-beater width) and a little bit higher neck, and also is about an inch longer. Hot? With a black cardi, minimal bling and tights, of course?

  • Anthro dress #1 (8 votes)
  • Urban dress #2 (9 votes)
  • Free Peeps dress #3 (16 votes)


  1. Well, I've never been self-conscious about armpit fat before, but I'm sure I will be now.

  2. I think it is funny that all the brands your looking at are owned by the same company. www.freepeople,com has the last dress in different colors.

  3. my friend has anthro dress #1 and it's super cute in person. it's also the most versatile of the bunch!

  4. I just looked on Anthro's website and I don't see the adorable swan dress anywhere on there :(

  5. I think the first dress is better because, of the three, it would probably stand out the most at a holiday party. It's light coloured and looks like it would be super flattering, plus the whole sale thing.
    Also, "It sparkeles *and* has pockets!"

  6. the first dress - its super cute and i like your idea of pairing it with gold jewelery, black tights, and heels. have fun!

  7. love the first and the third; I would buy both (especially if you get a discount - you lucky duck)!!!

  8. Hi, I would love to know where you saw the Flight-of-the-Swans dress on sale for $79.95. I bought mine on sale at $149.95. I love it!!!

  9. The Antrho dress is cute, but it looks summery to me. Maybe it looks different in real life. I really like the Free People dress a lot. Also, having armpit fat issues when wearing a strapless dress just means you need to go up a size.

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