Tuesday, December 15, 2009

{gift guide 2009} Christmas by the books...

There is something so intimate and wonderful about the giving and sharing of books. I love the idea of giving something that has the power to change someones life, their way of thinking, or at least their mood. It's a gift that brings joy beyond just the initial unwrapping and, "OMG cozy scarf I love it so much!" moment. A great book stays with you. And even a mediocre book can sit on your coffee table and stir up conversation.

So, stick your nose in a book this holiday season, or stick someone else's in one... Here's what I'm giving, hoping to get, already love... whatever... just great books.

$19.95 at Anthropologie
I keep seeing this book when I'm traipsing around at work, and I just love it. Gimme.

$25.00 at Anthropologie
Love it, own it, obsessed. The perfect gift for your chic girlfriend who's always looking for fresh, stylish inspiration and a perfect photographer's eye, too.
I think I'm on a serious Julia Child kick after seeing Julie & Julia (so amazing, btw), but I also love any book about living, loving, learning and Paris! This is definitely on the top of my wish list.

Uhm, it's a style book by the costume designer from Gossip Girl (with a forward by Leighton Meester). Do I really need to explain myself here?

These are just beautiful and artistic coffee table books that are also filled with great restaurants, sips, shopping, and cultural sites. Perfect for the girl you know who loves big city life, traveling, and books that look nice sitting around the house.

So, I'm in the middle of this monster, 700-page book right now, and have been for a few months. I've read a few books in between, but now, finally, circa 300 pages in, it's really pulling me in. The story follows a cast of New York characters as they converge over an incident in the Bronx involving two rich white people, a Mercedes and a young black kid with all the potential in the world.

I got you a book, it's sexual and violent. No, Seriously - American Psycho. So sexual, so violent - but insanely provocative, funny and engrossing. I had to read this book for a class in college, and as a result became totally obsessed. I ended up reading almost all of Bret Easton Ellis' novels the following summer. The Rules of Attraction is probably my favorite, then American Psycho, Less than Zero and Glamorama. I love Ellis' writing style, his voice and the crazy characters he creates. His exploration of everything people don't say is disturbing, fascinating and always entertaining.

Know everything about something, and something about everything... Have you ever been caught in a conversation when the topic drifts to a subject you know nothing about, but realize it's something you should probably understand? This book just seems like a good thing to have. It's a great gift for anyone you know with a thirst for knowledge or a tendancy to spew little fact nuggets at cocktail parites. (It's also a sneakily suggestive gift for your friend who maybe just doesn't. quite. get. it.) Either way, I want it.

This is sort-of a no-brainer. Post Secret is such a genius project, and their book collections make you think, warm your heart and definitely illicits a giggle or two. This is a gift for just about anyone. If you get this book for someone, and they don't like it - find a new friend :)

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