Thursday, November 19, 2009

SUILTSOY & HaileyJamar discuss Twilight....

  • SUILTSOY: im going to go ahead and say that if no one ever said the words NEW MOON again, id die happy
  • HaileyJamar: hahahahahahahhaha
  • SUILTSOY: like, give me a break
  • HaileyJamar: i'm going to go ahead and say i'm seeing the midnight show with becca OOPS - i think its all pretty redic though
  • SUILTSOY: hahaha oh boy! you have a TEAM EDWARD shirt dont you??!!
  • HaileyJamar: i watched this Twilight special on MTV and was like UGHHHH
  • SUILTSOY: its on right now
  • HaileyJamar: it was obnoxious
  • SUILTSOY: while im doing my nails
  • HaileyJamar: its aweful
  • SUILTSOY: there are people crying into their webcams about R Patz
  • SUILTSOY: like, you need to examine your life when you are crying into a computer screen and then it turns up on MTV
  • HaileyJamar: i knowwww thats part made me vom. last night i was like "thank goodness i was never that big of a dork"
  • SUILTSOY: ...then i remember i read 3 of the books, wah wah
  • HaileyJamar: ive only read two - wah wah. stefani meyer is a great story teller, NOT a great writer and her fan base is insane
  • SUILTSOY: she probably cast a mormon spell on everyone ages 10 to 13 on earth
  • HaileyJamar: try 10 to 30
  • SUILTSOY: true
  • HaileyJamar: ya and like the part where Taylor Lotner or whatever wasn't buff enough...cry me a river
  • SUILTSOY: get some steroids and get over yourself....people are crying into their webcams about that too... and on that note, get ready to see this whole conversation on my blog tomorrow, in honor of the BIG PREMIER!!
  • hjt8211: spare me.
  • SUILTSOY: you're such a twihard.

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  1. ahmahzing. And, oh yah, I'll text you from the theater.