Friday, November 27, 2009

one singular sensation...

So, this is a photograph (specifically a Polaroid, obviously) from a really fabulous fashion photography blog called The Singular. The blogger/photographer, Antonio Barros, has a great eye and close access to fashion insiders, models and celebrities. Plus, I just love the aesthetics of Polaroid film.

Which brings me to my next point. Inspired by this blog and the fact that my dad used to take many of our family photos on a Polaroid, I have decided to break out the old plastic camera and take it for a spin. The film is insanely expensive (around $3 a shot), and currently discontinued, but you can still find it around selectively, and buy it online from places like

And now, point number three. A project has been in the works, called The Impossible Project, and their goal is to create new film for vintage Polaroid cameras. They have a factory and machines, and have begun work on developing (pun!) a new, less expensive intergal film. Word on the street is that the new film should be available in the middle of 2010.

To conclude, Lou Dillon is Le Marais personified in this shot. Je l'adore.

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