Friday, November 13, 2009

make-up moment: intense eyes

As much of a girly-girl as I am, I have never been really into make-up. Until I was a junior in high school, I never wore eyeliner because I was convinced I just couldn't pull it off. One night though, when I was totally bored and struggling with my Advanced Algebra homework, I decided to break into my mom's make-up drawer and try out her black liner crayon.

Since that fated night, a soft black crayon has become my get-pretty BFF. Just the top, all the way around, thick, thin, subtle, dramatic... apparently the varying ways I like to wear liner are full of saucy innuendo!

Anyway, lately I've been craving all the way around, thick and dramatic. I went all-out on Halloween because, well, I could pass it off as part of my costume. At Homecoming, I used 'all the pictures we'll be taking' as an excuse for bringing on the glam eyes (I look better in pictures with a defined eye. I'm convinced.).

Magazines are always saying that your 20s are the time to "experiment" and "be daring" when it comes to fashion and make-up, so perhaps I will take them up on that suggestion.

If you see me out this weekend, you may mistake me for a well-dressed raccoon. You've been warned.

SUILTSOY's favorite dramatic eyes:

The all-time fav, Sienna Miller in Alfie...


Carrie Bradshaw in season 5 of SATC...

Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's

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