Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just love Thanksgiving. It doesn't get much better than a mid-week holiday that centers around eating. I love getting together with my family, helping prepare the meal (read hanging around the kitchen and picking the crispy skin of the hot turkey), and drinking a little too much wine. Mostly though, I love to take this time to recall all the things in life that I'm thankful for - both silly and serious. Here's what SUILTSOY is grateful for on Thanksgiving Day, 2009:

1. Family

2. Health

3. That no one in my family loves the pumpkin pie as much as I do

4. Chuck Bass

5. Karl Lagerfeld

6. My girlfriends from college who never cease to make me laugh so hard I pee a little, travel long distances just to get drunk with each other for a weekend, send me silly emails, read my blog and love each other like sisters.

7. The new friends I've aquired since around Thanksgiving last year, who keep life in Seattle engaging, fun, social, and just a dash dramatic.

8. The friends I've had for years and years. You're the LBD of my life: classic, essential, timeless.

9. Black leggings

10. Croissants

11. The day (night) Karina introduced me to whiskey & ginger ale

12. The wifey

13. That some people still think Facebook creeping is fun

14.  My retail discounts

15. Paris

16. That my computer hasn't crashed yet

17. The return of Christmas music

18. Leftovers

19. Text messaging

20. Hot yoga

21. Mascara

22. The impressionist movement

23. Sarge & Tessy

24. Tax-free babysitting jobs

25. Everyone who reads this blog -  you guys are amazing :)


1 comment:

  1. happy "T-day, T"

    we are having quite a week. at this moment it's 16 degrees. will need to plan for extra T-time on the bbq

    lot's to be thankful for...

    we'll miss you...