Thursday, October 8, 2009

too good not to share... GFY

Ok, I don't think I need to say anymore on this blog how much I love Go Fug Yourself. I'm not even going to hyper-link it here, because a) you should know how to get there by now (and do it every day!) and b) it's on my blogroll, so help yourself. Anyway, as I was browsing GFY during a commercial break from Glee last night, I nearly choked on my Trader Joe's coconut macaroon from this post: "Well Played, Katy Perry."

KATY PERRY: Hey there, Mr. Kaiser, sir.

KARL: Greetings, performer. What a fetching dress you're wearing. GLOW.

KATY: It's one of yours.

KARL: By day you're charming. By night, a gleaming banana. SPLIT.

KATY: Oh, ha, I see what you did there! Funny!

KARL: No. Humor is the crutch of the plain, pet. BE GORGEOUS.

KATY: I don't think...

KARL: HARK. What's that I spy? Hint: Not a cat.

KATY: I... can't imagine.

KARL: You clutch my face. My head is a farm of inspiration, and it's the harvest. REAP.

KATY: Oh, great, because I have so many questions...

KARL: You mistake me. To listen is to find God in a pumpkin.

KATY: Is it... okay, how about this?

KARL: Divinity becomes you.

KATY: Hey, thanks! I think this went well, in the end.

KARL: Endings are like shoes made of bread, darling. TOAST.

KATY: I'd better quit while I'm ahead.


Heather, Jessica, that was pure genius. It's like you're in Karl's head. You make life worth blogging.

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