Thursday, October 8, 2009

Love. Life. Death. The VF Proust Questionnaire.

In collaboration with the release of Vanity Fair's book of Proust Questionnaire articles that have been featured on the last page of the magazine for over a decade, VF online has created an interactive PQ you can answer yourself. I believe it's also a Facebook app, so you can share your answers with friends. Once you have answered the questions, it tells you which celebrity your answers most align with.

So which celebrity do I match up with? Well, with answers that include Cleopatra and Coco Chanel, who else but... Martin Scorsese. Followed by Annette Benning and Hugh Heffner. Apparently, I have the personality cocktail of a film-making genius, a famous actress and the ultimate bachelor. Cheers.

Take the VF Proust Questionnaire.

See lots of celebrity questionnaires here, and read Marcel Proust's answers from 1892 here, when he was just 20 years old.

So, c'mon, tell me: What's your most marked characteristic? I'm pretty sure mine is my bangs...


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