Monday, October 12, 2009

life's little deconstruction book...

So, I found this book, Life's Little Deconstruction Book, in my family's library. The back of the book says, "This tiny manual provides an introduction to theoretical posturing, a commentary on post-modernism, a subversive satire, and a tribute to the love-hate relationship many of us have with fashionable ideas -- all in very few words." I took a breeze through, and there are some real gems in this book. Here are a few of my favs:

1. Talk about anything in the context of anything else.

5. Need what recently didn't exist.

6. Expose depth as another surface.

14. Pretend to be real.

33. Be as if.

35. Speak to be spoken - language composes you.

37. Don't despair at the absurd, go with it.

46. Shop as though money were a consensual hallucination.

59. Be a willy-nilly citizen of the world.

65. Learn from Las Vegas.

71. Play the game.

86. Schmooze.

88. Be profoundly superficial.

108. Don't answer to a single standard.

133. Don't struggle, just enjoy the seduction.

150. Fight for attention.

162. Take pleasure.

192. Mess around.

228. Live without a big picture.

251. Enjoy the confusion.

296. See what you believe.

312. Get along with each of your selves.

318. Dabble in schizophrenia.

346. Upgrade.

352. Be, like, whatever.

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