Monday, October 26, 2009

DIY & vintage rescue...

A few months ago, my mom and I dissected her huge collection of vintage clothes and accessories, spanning from the '30s to the '90s, to weed out what we didn't want and create some free space in the closets. There was much debate, many fashion shows, and finally a sale.

Quite frankly, a lot of the gem pieces didn't sell. And as luck would have it, fashion trends for this winter have swayed in favor of many of the things still hanging on rolling racks in our basement. A giant handknit sweater dress here, a short sleeved cashmere t-shirt there, I found a bunch of things worth saving and breathing a little life into.

Like this green cardigan. When i pulled it off the rack, it had just one, sad, sorry fabric-covered button. But some rooting around in the sewing kit yeilded just the right buttons to bring it back to life.

Tada! Simple tank from Forver 21 and a few jazzy accessorries and this little cardi is right on the money, for no money at all.

Take this droopy, baggy, oversized oatmeal sweater. I mean, it's enormous. and it has little balls all over it.

This is a perfect example of why you really can discount something until you see it off the hanger and on your body.

I mean, right? It's cozy, easy and totally on-trend this fall. Once I put this on, I seriously couldn't take it off. I want to wear it around the house, to work, to bed, everywhere. The only problem is you can't really get a coat or jacket on over those bat sleeves. (A long sleeved shirt underneith will solve that problem on a dry day though.)

(Sweater: handknit vintage; pashmina: cashmere blend, Nordstrom; leggings: Frenchie; boots: Corso Como; sunglasses: Ray-Ban)

Next, a cashmere t-shirt by Forte from the late '90s or something. Not exactly 'vintage' per se, but it had come and gone in it's purpose in my mom's closet. To me, on the hanger it looks sort of boxy and the sleeves are a weird length. But I say if it's cashmere, it's worth a shot.

Apply the usual tricks, aka accessories and layers...

Once again, super comfortable and simple. This is something I can wear to work at Anthropologie, shopping or out to lunch with girlfriends. Throw a warm jacket on and I'm out the door. I like to try a little pop of a spring color in these cold months every now and then, just to keep things light. I tend to bury myself in black, grey and brown until about March.

(T-shirt: Forte from the'90s; tank: H & M; jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch (i know, i know, but they have trouser pockets!); shoes: Steve Madden; pearls: 2 long necklaces from Nordstrom Rack; sunglasses: mystery.)

If you don't have racks and racks of vintage clothes hanging around your house, head to Good Will, Value Village or hit up some local estate sales. Vintage stores are always an option too, of course, but you already know their stuff is fab. I like a good challenge.



(I was a little nervy about putting this Sea of Shoes-esque personal style moment on SUILTSOY. I'd love a little feedback. Love it? Loathe it? Tell me straight up in the comments or via twitter!)


  1. LOVES it. I always love your style. Definitely pop a post in like this here and there for all the recessionistas out there.

  2. TAY!!! THIS POST IS FABULOUS!! I love the green cardigan look and the yellow with the pearls. Inspiration to play in my closet a little bit- You look great in them :) Post more photos like this- fashion toast style! I'm into it. xx

  3. I was just scrolling pics and not paying attention to your commentary and when I saw the green cardi, I thought "That looks like something Bama would wear" My guess is that is exactly the closet it came out of :P Very nice post all around though. I did decide to read the whole thing :P