Monday, October 5, 2009

...did you miss me?

Let me start by apologizing from my rather obvious lack of enthusiasm on SUILTSOY over the past week. My posts were really mediocre at best. Things have been just a little bit off. You know how that goes. Reasons include:

1. Flu

2. Starting a new job

3. Computer issues

I wont go into much more detail than that, because, who cares. There was a lot of frustration, sneezing, dvds, long hours, restless sleep, meds, and a fever for which more cowbell was not the cure. But, the point is, I'm back. So let's play catch up, shall we?

So, Paris Fashion Week has been going on this whole time. That means Balmain, Chanel, Dior, and Gaultier, among others. Above is a look from Balmain's Spring/Summer 2010 show - strong shoulder still going strong. The leather jacket is not quite as iconic as the military jacket from earlier this year, but still has covetable written all over it.

Allow me introduce you to the newest memeber of the J Brand family of jeans that is accumulating in my closet. If I haven't said it before, it should be noted that I'm obsessed with J Brand. Anyway, I found this pair, "The Deal" ankle-length skinny leg with a 10" zipper at the bottom at Anthropologie. I think mine are darker than this photo, and the stitching is the same deep dark color as the denim. These jeans are great for fall because the shorter length and zipper make them easy and slim tucked into boots, and they look sort of Parisien-chic slightly unzipped with ballet flats.

Speaking of ballet flats... I am dying for a new pair. Ideally, it would be these:

But, realistically, they are $225, and that's just a tad outside my single-pair-of-shoes budget right now. So here are a few alternative pairs I have come across that are all less than $100...

That was sort of a flashback to my ideal vs. real post, but whatevs. I'm making my hunt for the perfect pair of leopard ballet flats part of my fall experience. Along with my hunt for perfect and perfectly priced OTK boots. They are both quite illusive.

Now I know you're probably dying to know where I've started my new job. It's a magical place. A place of perfectly ladylike dresses, the coziest cardigans, sweet-smelling candles, dishes so pretty you don't want to put food on them, and the prettiest bedding around. Can you guess? It's Anthropologie! Here's what's been distracting me from my duties so far...

I think that wraps it up for my return-to-life post. This week I'll be sure to round up my favorites from Paris, find a great new song for the MWMM, perhaps some cool events for the weekend, a nice little TGIF send-off for the weekend, and more.

I've missed you so, xoxo.

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  1. It's unfortunate more cow bell wasnt enough to cheer you up/make you feel better. And i'm sorry i wasnt able to fly up and watch Weekend at Bernies with you. I hope you managed at least one Mean Girls sesh. "Say crack one more time."
    Um, don't waste your time with the TBirch flats, everyone will have them. It's better to purchase one of the cheaper/more original pairs. I personally have some steve madden ones and I love the look but hate the feel. BLISTER central.
    I'm so excited you started Anthro!! It's so pretty there :)
    Okay well this has been a long comment, hehe. Miss you!
    I'm excited for our standard GG texting sesh!
    Oh and... see you in a month beezy!!! WeeHooo!