Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the costume question...

Oh, Halloween. If you had told me when I was seven years old (dressed as a pink genie) that October 31st got better than running willy-nilly around my neighborhood ringing doorbells with my girlfriends, OD-ing on candy while our dads trailed behind us smoking cigars, I would NOT have believed you.

Looking back though, at the pure joy and innocent fun of those early years, some may argue that it indeed does not get better than that. I would argue though, that starting in college, when Halloween became a three or four night extravaganza fueled by booze numerous fraternity parties - it became way more fun. The costumes became more ironic, acceptably scandalous, and sometimes incredibly elaborate.

Despite the lack of 3-day costume extravaganzas these days, I still love the fun of Halloween night. Anyway, I believe I already addressed this in my post about the glorious-ness of October, but I am struggling to come up with a good costume for this year. All I know is I want it to be at least sort of creative, not out of a bag or made of polyester, and involving intense eye make-up. Here are my best ideas so far:


Walk like an egyptian?

Flap this.

The Kaiser.

What do you think? I need help! Any other ideas would also be appriciated....


  • Rachel Zoe (4 votes)
  • Cleopatra (6 votes)
  • A flapper (0 votes)
  • Karl Lagerfeld (15 votes)

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