Thursday, October 22, 2009

an american in paris: Ray-Ban aviators

Once upon a time, a rather love-struck, naive, and starry-eyed 17-year-old girl prepared to return home from Paris. Sporting a deep tan from two weeks in Biarritz and a top from Petit Bateau, she wandered the kiosks at Charles-de-Gaule. Happily swinging the 75% off Chloe tote bag she scored at Bon Marche - full of used Metro tickets and postcards from the Centre Pompidou - she contemplated her options.

Being 17 and prone to self-indulgence, she hadn't purchased any gifts for her loved ones back home. And, there was still so much potential in the sprawling airport. Flush with a brief moment of homesickness, she decided it would be tres gentile to return from her month in France bearing bon-bons and other petites choses for everyone.

Then she saw a kiosk of sunglasses. "Just un moment," she thought, "To see." She ran her fingers over the glazed plastics of Dior, and Chanel. She peered at her glossy reflection in the shields of Fendi and Prada.

Then she found them: unassuming, simple, delicate. And unbenounst to her - classic. They were Ray-Ban aviators. "Je t'aime," she thought. "Oui," she said.

Long story short, this American girl spent her last Euros on a pair of American-made shades as a last-minute impulse buy before returning to the states. What can I say? I was young, and not yet reading Vogue so much as browsing the ads and spreads.

Anyway, those Ray-Ban aviators were worn to death throughout my senior year of high school and freshman year of college, and subsequently, they have seen better days. Recently, I came across pictures of myself from a fraternity date dash I went to, wearing my RB aviators on a schoolbus full of raving drunk college kids dressed like extras from a Saturday Night Fever-based porno [see right]. They survived thankfully, and went on to attend many an Arizona tailgate and Lake Washington boat ride.

Ugh, the abuse.

Stretched, bent, off-balance. Unsure of how to repair them, and busy snatching up new and updated shades, I've let my RBs collect dust in the depths of my accessories drawer.

But no longer! I've recently been craving everything that can be filed under, "whats-old-is-new-again." And I've decided that 2003 counts as old.

Lo Bosworth is wearing hers...

So is Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere...

...and MK Olsen too.

$129.00 by Ray-Ban at Lord & Taylor

I've resolved to get my RBs adjusted and take them out on the town once more. I think the classic gold metal frames and smoky lenses will pair perfectly with my cozy fall wardrobe. I can already see them looking spot-on with a big black pashmina around my neck, perhaps the new Sleeping On Snow sweater I'm craving, skinny jeans and ballet flats. I'll wear them to Cafe Presse for a croissant and cafe au lait. The irony, non?

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