Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10 things to love in October...

I absolutely love October. Here in the Northwest, it's the last breath of the kind of Fall weather you see in photographs and dream about in, oh, say, February. The leaves are twinkling in the crispy breeze and taking their time turning all shades of yellow, orange, red and gold.

Although I can no longer spend my days lounging on the dock on Lake Washington, feeling the Summer sun warming my skin and turning it shades of gold, there are many equally delicious ways to love the chillier, darker, lazier, covered-up days of October...

1. These are the days when you can drive with your music blasting, windows down, sun-roof open, sunglasses on... and the heat turned up.

2. Now you can wear your suede boots without fear of ruining them in the rain and mud. These are also the days of long sleeves with a down vest, ballet flats and no socks, or a pashmina and no coat.

3. It's Corn Bread time. Dipped in soup, smothered in butter, however you like it, it's such a Fall staple.

4. College football. Okay, okay, so I don't technically love football, but I do love tailgating, wearing my school (or UW) colors, cheering and getting into spirit of things, and drinking out of plastic cups. This year, Arizona (my Alma mater) homecoming isn't until November, but last year it was the highlight of my October. Fall in Tucson isn't quite as seasonal as it is up here, but the contagious atmosphere of a college football game is a staple of October Saturdays. I'm hoping to kick things off at the UA vs. UW game at Husky Stadium on the 10th!

5. Fall music. For me, this means a little less T Pain, and a little more James Morrison. It's the kind of music I imagine myself listening to as I read by the fire with a steaming cup of tea, but usually just what I listen to while driving around, getting ready for work, or blogging on SUILTSOY. Currently, my fall favs are: Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson, Break Up, Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago, the soundtrack to Away We Go, and Harry Connick Jr. Your Songs (I'll admit it, I love standards and old-people music, shamelessly).

Just for good measure, the other current listens include: Passion Pit, Noisettes, Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3, The Virgins, Kings of Leon Only By The Night, Phoenix, Citizen Cope and Fleetwood Mac.

6. My birthday! I'm getting to the point where turning another year older is really not that great, and the fun of my birthday is really all about getting all my friends together for cake, candles, parties and lots of celebrating. And of course, treating myself to a birthday dress/outfit. Gifts have also become a much less important part of the festivities, but a girl can't help but imagine a few of the treats she might like to see at the breakfast table on her special day. So, if I were to let my mind wander...

I'm still loving the idea of an over-sized, masculine, gold watch. I love this model from Michael Kors. It's dramatic yet casual and will go perfectly with the array of gold jewelry I wear on a daily basis. I's the next everyday basic I dream of adding to my accessory arsenal.
As my friend group's resident photographer, I'm always the one snapping pictures at events, concerts, bars, parties and just out on the street. I also love to take photographs in general, wherever I am, wherever there is a beautiful moment to capture. I would be so lucky as to upgrade to the Canon Rebel digital SLR camera.

Uhm, this one doesn't need any explanations. Gossip Girl anytime, you know you love me, xoxo, all that.

7. October definitely means hot drinks at your favorite coffee shop. My signature drink when I'm not downing an americano? Half drip, half non-fat hot chocolate and a shot of peppermint. Perfection!

8. Where The Wild Things Are. The Spike Jonze adaptation of the beloved children's book comes alive on film October 16. Perhaps it's cliche to be excited about this one, since it was featured on the hilarious and rather true blog, Stuff White People Like, but I don't care. it will probably be fantastic. I really did love the book when I was little, and upon digging up my family's copy, I discovered it's signed by Maurice Sendak. Also, in anticipation of the film's release, Opening Ceremony and Urban Outfitters have WTWTA-themed apparel.

9. Cozy mid-week bar nights. For some reason, I always associate happy hour with summer evenings and outdoor patios at places like Ivars, Greenlake and Eastlake Bar & Grill, and Cactus. But as the seasons turn, I gravitate towards places where you feel like you can hole up at at table with a whiskey cocktail or a hot toddie, and watch the rain fall. I like bars like Liberty, where the small space, intimate sitting areas, and dim lighting are perfect for an October tete-a-tete. The Duchess is another one of my favorite cold weather haunts (probably because its 5 minutes from my house). The lower level has tables that flank a fireplace, and nothing beats pitchers, shuffleboard and some great songs on the jukebox with good friends.

10. Halloween, duh! Costumes and parties and cocktails oh my! October 31st is arguably one of the best nights of the year for going out or attending a fabulous party. And lets be honest, after college ends, along with its date dashes and theme parties, you have to embrace every chance to dress up in a great costume. This year, I still don't know what I'm going to be. If I could find a great wig, I would totes be Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld. Who knows though, it always ends up being a last minute decision. I do have a fur coat that I'd really like to incorporate somehow...
(That's my friends and I as the Village People last year...)

So embrace this sunny, chilly, colorful, costume-y, and fabulous month, everyone, because there isn't much to love about November other than Thanksgiving. And Thanksgiving leftovers.

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