Wednesday, September 16, 2009

seen @ Volunteer Park Cafe

In the middle of a delicious lunch at Volunteer Park Cafe (grilled eggplant baguette & an Arnold Palmer) I just couldn't resist getting up from my sun-drenched table to snap a picture of this girl. Her outfit practially screams I'm-out-to-lunch-on-a-glorious-late-summer-day. From the chic-and-casual animal print T to the strappy-but-not-overly-gladiator sandals, it's September perfection.

This girl's look is a bit more edgy, but still perfect for V. Park Cafe and the beautiful day.


Each of these girls had a quirky cool element to her outfit: cowboy boots, cuffs and on the far right, a fun floral skirt with the neon North Face backpack I've had a crush on for months.

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