Thursday, September 3, 2009

it's been a white hot summer...

Readers, I'm in a really bittersweet place right now, mentally. Summer has all but flown by, and I feel like it just started. Wasn't 4th of July like, yesterday? Alas, it was two months ago. All this makes SUILTSOY a little depressed.
But, only a little. You know why? Because there is still one last weekend-based, oh-so-summer holiday left: Labor Day! And much how the 4th inspires patriotic flare and Seafair embraces a 'swimsuit = fully-dressed' attitude, Labor Day has it's own fashion moment, too.

White. White. White!

And what could be a better time to embrace this (non)color than after your skin has had a few months to take on a buttery, bronzed tone that perfectly off-sets an all-white ensemble?

So, because white + tan = sexy and because a summer this great deserves to be closed out in style, I'm throwing a white party chez moi. This Hamptons-esque theme is easy, popular, and makes everyone look great, so I suggest you throw or attend one, too.

Tan or no tan, if it ain't all white, it ain't alright. Now,

Though my party certainly wont be as swanky or Vitamin Water-sponsored as the one in the 'Summer, Kind of Wonderful' episode of Gossip Girl, Blair and Serena still provide excellent inspiration for how to do white right.

To channel your inner Waldorf, look for a frock with a fitted waist, a somewhat demur silhouette, girly ruffles or lace. Blair's look is always polished, ladylike and slightly preppy. If you want to truely embrace B's style, top off your look with - what else - a headband.

Serena's look bounces between overly boobalicious and chic bohemian. She mixes body-con party dresses and relaxed hippie looks from episode to episode. One thing that remains the same though, is her perfectly touseled blond waves. Work in lots of layered accessories, but keep your hair loose and relaxed.

Here are a few of my other favorite white dresses:

And because who can resist...some white party perfect accessories...

All day. All night. All white.
Check back Tuesday for my backyard white party pics...

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