Friday, September 11, 2009

girls about town...

I'm absolutely thrilled today because one of my best girlfriends from college is in town for the weekend! Luckily for me, she has been to Seattle a few times before, so we can skip the Pike Place Market - Space Needle - Queen Anne viewpoint - whirlwind tour.

The weather today is projected to be just glorious (sunny, in the 80's), so we'll have a lot of great options. Here's a rundown of my ideal SUILTSOY + Stockberger Friday funfest (because it's a pretty ideal Seattle day for anyone!):

10 am: Americanos & pain au chocolat at Le Fournil

11 am: Leisurely stroll around Volunteer Park and up the water tower to take in the view, hopefully snap a few pics.

12 pm: Panninis and quiches for lunch at Volunteer Park Cafe, sitting outside, of course.

1:30 - 4 pm: Gossip, swim & bronze at the Windermere Beach Club.

5 pm: Happy hour (launch party!) at Homegrown in Fremont for introductions to friends, local brews & sustainable treats.

9:30 pm: Reconnect after family dinners, perhaps grab a quick cocktail at Liberty or Smith.

11 pm: Commence wild night on the town with more friends in a typical neighborhood like Ballard (Kings), Belltown (The Frontier Room), or Fremont (Norms).

2 am: Pre-taxi treats from Snacks!, a taco truck or a hot dog stand, depending on location...

Pretty good, right? Let me know if you have any suggestions, dear readers :)

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