Tuesday, September 15, 2009

classing it up: Beyonce & Tay Swift @ the VMAs

So, I think we have all heard and said enough about Kanye West's rude interruption at the VMAs, but I have not heard or said enough about Beyonce's classy, amazing almost-makes-me-tear-up moment with Taylor Swift later in the night. I die.

That was probably my favorite moment at this year's Video Music Awards. That, along with Lady GaGa's changing wardrobe and bleeding eyes, Tay Swift's subway performance, Janet's tribute to MJ, and Jay Z's new song with Alicia Keys, I'd say the 2009 VMAs made for some pretty good Sunday night TV.

Gorgeous, gracious, princesss, sparkle, amazing. Thats what I think of when I see this pic of Ms. Swift...

Beyonce: Sassy...

...and classy.

Lady Gaga, you are a nut. And you know what? I love it. Your eccentricty keeps pop culture interesting. If you want to don a feathered neck brace and Phantom-esque mask, appear to bleed from your eyes on stage, accept an award in a lace face-glove and creepy crown, and attend your after-party looking like Madonna-meets-minny mouse at the wedding - I say - more power to you.

Oops, ladies. Looks like someone needs to have a talk with their PR person. But which one? Honestly, I love Shakira and all her hip-notizing dance moves and "She Wolf" is a really fun song. But those boots are just not doing it for me. At all. Then there's Pink. The shoes are a go and the hair is an improvement, but I cannot stand any of her music. It's the worst. So, I guess its a draw.

Dear MTV "Reality" Show Blondes,

You all have great legs and nice tans. And rumor has it some of you make like $70,000 per episode. Why is it that with all this money and fame that none of you can seem to find your way into a dress that is cute, well fitting, and not cheesy/boring. LC: fine, but boring. She-Pratt: all kinds of terrible. Whit P: too low, too short, too much see-through waistband. LC's Hills replacement: bald disco ball. Neat. Girls, call me when your fashion stops being as terrible as your shows.


"Empire State of Mind." Yes please.

Chace Crawford you are adorable. Leighton, you are amazing, but this look is not.

Roberto Cavalli, you are a gem.

Let's leave it at that.

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  1. I completely agree on the terrible mishaps of the mtv reality beezies. Like who dressed them? Oh wait, they dressed themselves and they have no style. And She Pratt looks like Aubrey O'day. Also, I'm glad you were honest about Leighton's outfit. She is so fab, but that outfit (one again) really was not.