Tuesday, August 4, 2009

{what i want now} a big gold watch...

I believe the last time I wore a watch was in the Spring of 2007. I was studying abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France, and I figured that it would be tres chic (and rather genius) to invest in a sexy little wristwatch to help me arrive at my 'Cezanne and Van Gogh' art history class or Les Deux Garçons fashionably en retard - and to the train on time. I chose a sleek Coach model with a silver rectangular face and a slim black, leather band. It was simply parfait (I was still deep in my Tiffany silver accessory phase) and I rarely took it off.

Stateside again, I have relied on my cell phone to find out the time, as usual, and sweet little watch has inevitably gotten quite comfortable in its velvet padded box.

I still cherish my Tiffany pieces, but my accessories taste has evolved into a much more eclectic, dressing-the-part, depends-where-I'm-going rotation of looks. Over the years I have amassed a pretty glorious collection of bracelets, necklaces, and rings. (I've never been that into earrings...not sure why.) And for whatever reason, most of them are gold or look better with gold.
Maybe it's because of the recession - or maybe because I've come to trust my cell phone less and less - but I'm craving a return to simpler times and classic mechanics. Lately, when I paw through my dainty boxes and over-stuffed drawers of jewelry, there is always one thing I wish I could throw on: a big gold watch.

I have always admired my mother's sensibilities when it comes to style, and she rotates between a lovely gold-and-silver classic Rolex and a gorgeous Michele watch with a silver face and black leather band. She sometimes mixes her watch in with a stack of Yurman bracelets or wears it alone, but the looks is always polished. Consequently, I have come to view watches as the ultimate classic accessory. Like a solitaire engagement ring, a strand of pearls, or diamond stud earrings, the perfect watch is priceless.

I'm not currently looking to invest in 'the watch' but lately, I feel the urge to have a gorgeous and functional timepiece to last me until I am. Since I already have an understated silver model, I think a chunky, masculine, gold watch is just what I need.

Truly, the obsession started back in October when my friend Tully sported an over-sized vintage gold watch, mixed with all her bracelets to Homecoming in Arizona. "So classic! So simple!" I thought to myself, "I must have one!"
Yet here I am, 9 months later, sans watch.

Then, yesterday, like a fashion-radar-honing-device, my eyes grew wide and zeroed-in on my friend Caitlin's wrist. She was wearing a lovely cotton sun dress, had effortlessly tossed her wavy mane into a bun and the only accessory she was wearing was a masculine, circular-faced Michael Kors watch. The same thoughts I had in October ran through my mind again. Must. Have. Fabulous. Watch.

So here's a run down of tick-tock treasures that make me want to give up my americano habit and start a 'Shut up, i need that gold watch on me' fund...

My favorite high-quality not-too-ridiculously-priced versions of the masculine gold watch are, like Caitlin's, by Michael Kors. They have classic link bands and large faces, and each run about $200. I prefer this style, but MK also makes versions with a rectangular face.

I also like this more modern Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, which is about $275 at Dillard's. Maybe it's because I love just about anything Mr. Jacobs comes up with, or maybe it's because the numbers are so big and easy to read...

Ok, I know it's obviously a stretch, but a girl can dream. This Michele 'CSX 36' Diamond Watch is $1,545.00 at Nordstrom. It is simply a thing of beauty. However, I think I'd feel slightly ridiculous drinking dollar beers at the Roanoke or babysitting my 6-year-old neighbors with that thing on my wrist...at least at this age.

I could see myself being really into this Seiko watch with a black face. The contrast of the gold and black is very striking; this is definitely an attention grabbing piece. But seeing as black does with everything and gold is a neutral metallic - you can feasibly wear it with everything! (About $325 at Khols.)

These watches, by Pulsar, Seiko, and Fossil respectively, are all actually men's watches. They are all serious, heavy duty watches, but that's what I like about them. If you can handle the weight, just remember that you can have just about any watch with a link band shortened to fit around your ladylike wrist.

Whatever your taste for watches may be, keep in mind that you don't have to buy new. Look at local vintage shops, online stores and auction sites like Ebay, E-Luxury, and 1st Dibs for unique and one-of-a-kind timepieces you'll love forever.

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