Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shut up Jimmy Choo, I love those Hunter boots on you...

Dear Mr. Choo,

Why do you have to do this to me? I'm never surprised when I find myself lusting after your sexy high heels and delicate flats, but rain boots? This is absurd. I'm going to be dreaming about strutting around town in a LBD and these boots. Skinny jeans, a fancy top and these boots. My pajamas, and these boots. I want to live my life this fall and winter in these boots. So chic, so sexy, so...water-resistant.

Anyway, thanks a lot, Mr. Choo, for making me irrationally crave a pair of very expensive rubber boots.



(Hunter Jimmy Choo boot, $395, by Jimmy Choo at Saks Fifth Avenue.)


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