Monday, July 27, 2009

seen @ cap hill block party

Two of these girls decided to party sans shoes.  I really like each of their outfits, especially the dress on the girl in the middle. The sparkling lace overlay is gorgeous.

It helps that this guy is really cute, but he makes a tank top look good. Also love that he's mixing stripes.

Typical cap hill.

LOVE her outfit. The mix of bright colors is perfect for summer, her necklaces are awesome, and she's just one of the many girls I saw rocking out cowboy boots with their mini-skirts that night.

If you ask me, it was a little hot for a leather jacket, but its definitely a look.

My friend Timothy.

A few cocktails deep at Havana, in the ladies room, and I wish i had gotten her boots in the photo. But her dress is adorable and i love the Foley + Corina bag.

I grabbed this guy outside the ladies room, it was his idea to run back in there and do...that. I also initially thought that shirt was a scarf, but whatever works, it was hot!

Our saucy server at Havana.

Mini skirts, stripes & cross-body bags. It was a pretty standard uniform for the night.



  1. why would you let me do that pose?
    tay these photos are great! loveeeee them.

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