Monday, July 6, 2009

let's have a moment for summer pants...

So, I don't want anyone to get too jealous, but I had a really great 4th of July. The weather was perfection, and I spent two days marinating in the sun, navigating Lake Washington in an unruly inflatable kayak, playing bocce ball in my backyard, eating hamburgers and hot dogs, drinking cheap beer and spending time with lots of great people.

All these friends of mine have great style, so I often navigate my way through parties and bars not taking too much note of what everyone is wearing other than, "They look fab." Well, somehow, through the crowds and cocktails on the balcony post-fireworks, I came to sartorial consciousness upon greeting two of my girlfriends. While most girls (myself included) were whoring out their freshly crisped tans in shorts and dresses, these gals rocked a sometimes forgotten, always classic look: summer pants.

I'm copying them and finding a pair of my own right away.

Tall white linen trouser, $98.00 at J.Crew

These white pants have the same look as my friend in the black top. The trouser cut is perfect because it never really goes out of style, but happens to be particularly "in" at the moment. J. Crew is also usually a pretty conservative fit, so these would look great with a top tucked in and a belt, or a slim top left untucked. Too keep the look of-the-moment, be sure to balance our the fit of your top and pants. If the pants are more loose, wear a fitted shirt, and vice versa.

Aerie Sailor Pant, $14.95 at American Eagle

Once again, here I am talking up American Eagle. These cute pants are on sale for under $20? Wild. I would definitely rock these with a simple white tank tucked in and brown flat sandals.

Hudson Jeans Emily Super Skinny in Whisk White, $176.00 at CoutureCandy

This is a very different look than what my friends were wearing, but this is definitely another chic take on the idea of summer pants. This length is almost a full pant, but just high enough to be funky and perfect for wearing out with chunky heels.

Bop Basics Full Length Sash Pant, $98.00 at

These are very casual, perfect for an August lunch date or a trip to the farmer's market on Saturday morning. I also love that they come with a belt!


There are a lot of ways to interpret the 'summer pants look' so it fits your style and works with what you already have. Some will look better in a skinny pant and some will love the ease of a trouser or wide leg cut. The important Thing is not that they are not capri pants that flare at the bottom.

Seriously. They are the worst.

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