Thursday, July 23, 2009

funny gal vs. some ugly truth...

So here we have two very funny, very beautiful actresses. On the left is Leslie Mann at the premiere of Funny People, and on the right, Katherine Heigl, at the premiere of The Ugly Truth. I want to see both of these new movies, and I loved L. Mann and Kath together in Knocked Up. Remember how funny they were with the bouncer at the club? I need to watch that again.

So, here's what I don't understand. How did two such savvy, gorgeous, successful women end up in these matchy-matchy shoes-and-dress combo outfits? I think they are both kind of terrible. (and also that they both look better blonde, but that's perhaps besides the point) Am I right?

Still, one of them has to be declared the winner, because I said so. And I can't decide who looks better. Initially I want to go with Leslie because of the color, but part of me also is leaning towards Katherine because of those shoes.

Lets put it to a vote: Pink-on-pink Leslie or neutral-on-neutral Katherine?

  • Leslie Mann (7 votes)
  • Katherine Heigl (10 votes)
  • I refuse to acknowledge that either of them look OK. (3 votes)
  • They both look great! What are you talking about? (4 votes)

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