Monday, June 15, 2009

notes from the weekend...

This was a good one, and here's why...

Well, first a ladybug landed on me - it's good luck!

Thursday started with a late-morning americano & gossip date at Liberty and ended with third-wheeling to see The Hangover. I'm sure you have, but if you haven't seen this movie, leave wherever you are - right now - and go see it. I swear it is worth the $10 when you're walking out of the theater laughing just as hard as you were half-way through.

Friday night I went to High Dive in Fremont to see my friend's very talented younger brother, Sam Wegman, perform. Check his music out here! Seeing no reason not to make a night of it, we stopped in for a bite at our friends' delicious, sustainable sandwich shop, Homegrown, then met said friends for a few drinks. The air was warm, the beers were cold, it was a great summer night.

Saturday morning, as i posted last week, was the much anticipated Capitol Hill Community Garage Sale...

So, we dragged ourselves out of bed bright and early (9:20 a.m.!) to get first dibs on the goods. Such an early Saturday called for fueling up at
Stumptown coffee on Belmont & Pine...for this:

There were all sorts of trinkets and treasure to be found, but most importantly, these:

Sweet, sweet Rollerblades. Just my size, too. What are the chances? I think that little ladybug had something to do with it...

Lots and lots of Coca-Cola memorabilia...

And all of Saturday afternoon was spent here, a little place we call "Hotel Flynn," getting tan and generally luxuriating.

Then the sun set...and we were off to socialize in Belltown, at that sweat-box they call the Frontier Room. Pictures of that madhouse do not belong on the blog, because, shut up, i do not love all that sweat on you...and neither does my camera. You can just picture it in your mind: lots of (literally) hot young people dancing all over each other, icy drinks sloshing about and a techno remix of "Don't Stop Believin'" blaring over a blown-out speaker. Wild, to say the least.

Sunday was all but lost to Saturday night, save for an experimental evening jaunt in a new social sport I have dubbed, "Roller Running." I rolled, she ran, and we chatted our way down the Burke Gilman Trail. Trust me, it's the new pilates.

Hope you guys had a great weekend, too!

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  1. I'm obsessed with the way our water weenies are still positioned so nicely under the floaties...its as if we were just going to hop back on them at any moment...except that its April and its raining. woof.