Tuesday, June 16, 2009

from the S.U.I.L.T.S.O.Y mailbag: Aloha...

"Shut up, i love that shirt on you" has some friends with pretty ridiculous jobs. One of said friends is currently babysitting on the big island of Hawaii. She emailed this morning after departing quite suddenly. Enjoy...

Dear S.U.I.L.T.S.O.Y.,

Aloha! I jetted off to the big island of Hawaii spur-the-moment yesterday because my neighbors needed a babysitter for their ridiculously cute daughter for the week. I was sort of annoyed though, because I barely had any time to pack! Rude! Anyway, I totally forgot to bring a really cute tie-dye tank dress to wear to the pool over my swim suit. So tragic, I was literally freaking out.

After working [read: playing with the little girl in the pool and getting tan] most of the day, I was so tired. Like, exhausted. I totally didn't want to walk ALL THE WAY to the resort's boutique to try and find a new dress. I mean, it was so far, and the tropical heat is way draining. Not even like three mai tai's could revive me. But then I remembered we had a golf cart at the private condo, thank god.

So, I just wanted to send you these pictures of the Graham & Spencer tank dress I bought and the cute little coffee table and toppers I'm thinking of buying and shipping back home. It just goes to show that even when you're having, like, the hardest, most grueling work day ever, things can turn around.

Gotta run though, my employers scheduled me for a full-body massage in like, 20 minutes. They are so bossy it's unbelievable. Don't they understand that just because they paid for my flight, my meals and my tanning oil, doesn't mean I'm like, at their beckon call? I really would rather take a surf lesson. Woof.

Thankfully, I'll be back on friday. Maybe we can get together if I'm not too jet-lagged...

xoxo, Bank-rolled Babysitter

The Hualali Resort, Hawaii


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