Thursday, May 28, 2009

weekend essentials: your own backyard

According to King 5, The Weather Channel, and my friend's iphone, Seattle is about to go into full-on summer mode this weekend: temperatures nearing 80 degrees and "mostly sunny" skies today through Sunday!

This forecast + the house to myself + two fridges worth of Memorial Day weekend leftovers = the recipe for a perfect weekend.

Last night, in between loads of laundry (gotta have a clean pair of jorts), watching Cool Hand Luke (a young Paul Newman - enough said) and preparing the bocci ball and croquet - I organized my staycation essentials for the weekend...

Seriously friends, come on over. I think there are also about 3500 hot dogs in the freezer.

Reading materials for sipping iced tea and laying out on the lawn. I can't wait to see how W and Vanity Fair will try to make Ginnifer Goodwin and Jessica Simpson seem interesting and/or relevant. The Old Man and Me is a great book about a young girl in a scandalous and potentially murderous affair in London in the 1960s.

A great playlist is essential...these are just a few of my summer favorites...

Lots and lots of colorful accessories...this is just a smattering of my typical mix of new and vintage pieces...The giraffe bracelet is by Kenneth Jay Lane, and I get more compliments on it than any other jewelry I wear. The flower earrings were a gift from a girlfriend. There's a D&G bracelet, a Marc By Marc Jacobs bangle, and most of the rest are vintage finds from flea markets in Paris, and of course, my mom.

So easy: white tank from Forever XXI, scarf from Urban Outfitters, vintage necklace, and Ray Ban avaitors. Best worn with...

...Jorts, duh!

Sandals everyday. Heels for the bars, flats for the beach, and those saucy turquoise sling-backs for the bbq(s). (Star Ling, Steve Madden, and Shoes for Lovely People, respectively.)

I'm not a heavy make up girl, but especially when it's hot, I like to keep it simple. Punch up your (DIY) mani/pedi with a bright color like Lunch at the Delhi from O.P.I. On a hot night, a spritz or two of a light, floral scent is all you need. Diorshow speaks for itself, and it's the best mascara I've ever owned. And lastly, I recently stole this from my mom's make up bag: Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. Just a few dabs adds color and all-important hydration.

Lastly, the great backyard. If you don't have one, make friends with someone who does. Or go to a public park/beach.

Just make sure you're out there enjoying every hour of sunshine!


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  1. sidelong glance at your spelling of "bocce"