Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{weekend essentials} Lake Chelan

If you're like me, you've been counting down the days until summer officially kicks off. In the Northwest, there is one small lakeside town that does summer better (and longer) than any other: Lake Chelan, Washington. Luckily for me, I will be ringing in the season this Memorial Day Weekend at a friend's home on the lake...along with at least half the population of Seattle. And I can't wait!

Chelan is a quirky melange of peoples and styles. Some come in from the big city, designer beach bags and UW Huskies gear in hand; and some come from...other places, crop-tops and man-jorts on display. Even with the overall attitude of laid-back sun-worshiping, a beach-bound fashionista can struggle to find the right "I didn't even try but you're totally jealous of how appropriate I look" look.

Based on many long, arduous hours of sunning myself studying fashions on the shores of Lake Chelan and eating cheeseburgers taking notes at Campbell's; as well as careful consideration of the most applicable Summer 2009 trends - I have put together a list of Chelan essentials.

1. AT LEAST spf 6. (But if your a typical, potentially translucent Northwesterner, spf 30 for sure!) That Eastern Washington sun is brutally strong, so lather up head to toe 30 minutes before you even slip into your swimmies.

2. In this casual town, its best to leave your weird, Kim Kardashian mono-kini at home. (Think of the tanlines!) Pack a cute, comfortable, perfect for all water activities (swimming, jet skiing, waterskiing, para-sailing) bikini in a fun, colorful pattern.

3. Sunglasses. For this quick trip over the Cascades, bring an inexpensive pair that you wouldn't die over losing in a rouge wave vs. pontoon boat battle royale.

4. If you heeded my advice in April and invested in some gorgeous gladiator sandals, leave them at home. Grab your black Havaianas and/or your perfectly worn-in Rainbows and keep it simple.

5. Girls only: jean shorts! Ripped, rolled, dark, light, don't forget them! When strolling the streets of downtown Seattle, a more modest length is definitely required, but in Chelan, things are a bit more lax, so opt for a shorter pair and show some leg!

6. For cruising to Lakeview for a shake and fries, throw your ipod, towel, and Hawaiian Tropic spf 55 in a durable, roomy tote. It will inevitably be filled with sand, crumbs, and miscellaneous beach paraphernalia by Sunday.

7. When its time to head into town for a margarita at Cantina Caverna to cool off your sun-crisped self, just throw on a light, loose tank and a couple of bangles with your flips and jorts. To distract attention from your inevitably red face, cast a shadow with a straw fedora.

With these essentials (plus a few of your own genius additions) you'll be all set to enjoy a weekend of desert heat, arctic waters and plenty of Hawaiian shaved ice.


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  2. WOW, great blog. The pictures are awesome! Lake Chelan looks great!