Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a season of change...

So, I'll just come right out and admit it. Last summer, I did not take this recession very seriously. Freshly graduated from college, I spent a lot of time in the sun, a lot of time shopping, and minimal time job-searching. My bad.

Here I am, 9 months, 2 unpaid internships and 0 dollars in savings later. I blog before you a (mostly) changed woman.

I know I sound like the promo for a coming-of-age teen dramady, but I mean it: this summer will be different. I have a paying job, a budget, and plans to hot-foot it to New York City as soon as the leaves start turning.

Now that I'm in-tune with the rest of the nation's more frugal spending habits and have a long-term savings goal, there's no room for ridiculous impulse purchases and wild spending sprees at H&M. I will still shop; but smartly! It's like being on a diet: I can have what I want - but only in moderation.

Did you just spend $10 on an O.P.I nail polish called "Lunch at the Delhi" for no reason, too? It's okay. Let's do this together.

I've come up with 7 totally reasonable adjustments for a bigger, cushier, healthier...bank account!

1. Instead of buying two or three pairs of rainbow-colored flip flops at Old Navy for $5.00 or something crazy like that, buy one pair of Havaianas in black or brown. They go with everything and will last you at least a few more seasons.

2. Skip the Old Navy deals altogether. The money you save on your "town gown" in the moment isn't worth inevitably having to replace the item with another trendier piece next season.

3. Less is more. 6 cute, poor quality pieces from Forever 21, Pitaya, or H&M become one amazing dress from LaROK or a Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse that you will want to wear again and again. (I know the low prices at those kind of stores can be seriously alluring. Sometimes you can't resist the cute little top that only costs $15.90. If you must indulge, pick one or two things and cut yourself off.)

4. If you must have an of-the-moment item, find the middle ground. Places like Urban Outfitters, J. Crew, GAP, and the T.B.D department at Nordstrom are full of well-made, trendy pieces (and less dramatic, more long-wearing interpretations) that aren't too expensive.

5. This isn't a crash diet. Like I said, moderation is the key to making a change you can stick with. If you stock up on Loeffler Randall and Tory Burch shoes each season, try STEVEN by Steve Madden or Dolce Vita instead. If you like Steve Madden and similarly priced shoes, try searching online sites like Zappos for sales.

6. Shop your closet. Seriously. Get in there and see what's what. I bet you have a pair of so-so boot-cut Citizens of Humanity Jeans that can become instantly chic again if you tuck in your little summer blouse and string a belt through their moderately high waist. I recently found some four-year-old distressed and awkwardly cuffed Abercrombie & Fitch jean capris. Woof, right? Well, I ripped out the cuff seams, ran them through the wash and rolled them up a few times and am passing them off as boyfriend jeans. Ta-da.

7. Lastly, don't buy a pair of those ridiculous harem pants. I'm convinced the fashion industry is trying to play a joke on us. Those things don't look good on anyone.

If you have a clever 'shop your closet' tip/story or any other money-saving ideas for fellow shop-a-holics, leave them in the comments!

Heres to a financially fit-yet-not-completely-devoid-of-the-joys-of-shopping summer!


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  1. was this a guest post or did tdavies really write this? :)