Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bird by Juicy Couture...would you?

Finally, the June Issue of Harper's Bazaar arrived at my house yesterday! I was not even a little bit excited with Sandra Bullock's cover, but pretty intrigued by a few of the articles within.

In their aptly titled article, "Juicy's New Line," Bazaar gets the inside scoop on Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy's new, edgier line, called Bird by Juicy Couture.

'"It's streetwear; it's what we do best. But this is just for a different, sophisticated girl--a bit more chic, a bit more urban," Nash-Taylor explains. "This is casual luxury with an edge."' (Harper's Bazaar, June 2009, pg. 64)

The line includes jeans that will retail for $248, a cardigan for $298, a (from the looks of it, amazing) military jacket for $498, and knits will run about $150.

Bird by Juicy Couture will be available at Bergdorf Goodman and select Juicy Couture stores.

To me, Juicy feels like a brand that is past it's prime.  Everyone loved the velour track suits and terricloth towel dresses, but they have yet to ignite such a craze since then.  Will this be P&G's magnificent comeback?

  • Yes, this is the new direction they need to stay fresh. (61 votes)
  • No, anything Juicy is still overpriced and overrated. (46 votes)


  1. I hate the new bird by juicy line. Everything is black....nothing about it says "notice me"
    In fact, all it says is, "I am in New York, get my coffee now or I'll kill you, oh, and I have no sense of fashion beyond pasting together a bunch of black clothing." What I especially hate about it is that it has absolutely NO resemblence to Juicy. It should not even be associated with Juicy Couture. Juicy is going to go down, guilty by association with this terrible bird sh!t line.
    Im just being honest! Also, Juicy Couture itself is getting way too hippie chic! What separated and distinguished Juicy from other lines was its punky side....that is absolutely NOWHERE to be found in the latest looks they've put out! Erin Fetherston? Who is this chick? All I see is a bunch of tween type stuff...pastel colors with flowers that look like they'll probably fall off in the first wash. Its difficult to maintain and way too innocent looking. It honestly looks like something you would buy for a newborn. Most of the colors are pretty but the color combinations give an overall washed out look, nothing makes the clothes pop!!!! What happened to the Juicy Pop? They're line had a very specific look....Now, I cant tell Juicy from all the other teen-focused lines. It's really quite sad and lately overpriced...nothing that you couldn't find at kohls...and that is bad...very very very very bad. I'm wondering when they will open up a new walmart line.

  2. I actually love the Bird line! I was over the tacky crap (terry cloth purses and a tee that says "juicy narcissist"?! WHY?!!!) from the original JC line. The fall/holiday 2009 collection certainly had a lot of black (and silver!) but the spring 2010 lightened up a bit with other neutrals (ivory, army green and brown) and I love it! I have to disagree with kikzz because I think the pieces are meant to "chicify", not black out your wardrobe. It is how you wear it with your other clothes and with your style that makes it "notice me". I appreciate the unique attention to detail from this line and I think there is a little something for everyone. I love my black satin mini (with gorgeous bustled/draped back), my black sheath dress (with exposed zipper and pointed hem) and my backless ivory cashmere sweater (need I say more? Cashmere, darling!) I feel great in Bird (: Thanks to G&P for evolving!

    PS I don't ever wear all black or kill people for coffee (: I am just a university student who loves fashion.

  3. I LOVE the Bird Line from Juicy Couture! My only problem is affording; otherwise, the urban-chic style of the line is great.