Thursday, April 9, 2009

from Ba&sh and Les Petites: the Paris purchases...

This was my big purchase in Paris last month. I found it at an amazing boutique called Les Petites... in the Marais neighborhood. It is a gorgeous deep maroon-brown color (that doesn't really translate well in photos) with gold hardware. It has both top handles and a cross-body strap, so I have reasoned it's like buying two bags for the price of one. The inside has tons of pockets, and it's big enough to fit my 15-inch Powerbook along with all my other junk. I tied on a Besty Johnson scarf for a little flair. Check it out : "Sac Spade."

And here is my other amazing find. This oversized leather clutch came from another boutique in the Marais called Ba&sh. It's about 12 inches x 4 inches and has a zippered inside pocket. I love the seam details on the front flap and the fact that its big enough to hold a mini-umbrella, my wallet, camera, and cell phone. The size and simplicity make it a bag that works well for both day and night. I found this one online too, here. (it's in French, though)

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  1. Dear tdavies,

    What kind of fashion statement should I be making while passing out a Wingmancard? Do you have an recommendations for colors, clothes, etc that might make me look a bit more confident?