Monday, April 13, 2009 'Arrivals' 'Arrivals'

(Click the link above to check out this great article from New York magazine about 'Why People Still Want to Move to New York in Tough Times.')

I think it must be a cliche these days to be a young college graduate who dreams of moving to New York City and making it big. I really don't care. I visited Manhattan when I was eleven, fell in love, and have imagined myself living there (at least for a while) ever since. First, it was because I wanted to be an actress, then a fashion designer. Now...well I'm not exactly sure. But I am sure I still want to live there as badly as I did when i was eleven.

When I read this article, I couldn't really decide if it was inspiring or off-putting. Yes: it's a recession. Jobs are hard to find. Times are tough. So what? If New York magazine is throwing photoshoot parties to welcome new residents, count me in.


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