Tuesday, April 28, 2009

fashion vs. style

So I was having a discussion with my friend the other night about the difference between fashion and style. He, as a finance man at Microsoft, wasn't too sure and put it to me to define both words. I thought it was a pretty interesting challenge. Here's what I came up with:

Fashion: I think of fashion (and being "fashionable") as being on top of the latest trends and being most concerned with keeping your look very 'of the moment.' I also think fashion is a word that defines the industry that drives trends, fills magazines and sustains designers.

Style: To me style (and being "stylish") is a more about the way an individual expresses their personality through their look. I think a person can have great style without necessarily being fashionable, especially when it's very unique. Someone who is stylish may mix a trendy dress, pumps they've had for years, their favorite "it goes with everything" bag and a quirky hat.

To illustrate what I mean, I have selected two sartorially gifted gals with the same first name but totally different looks.

First, celebrity stylist and reality TV personality, Rachel Zoe. She is head-to-toe trendy in a military-inspired jacket, cropped, pleated trousers and she's mixing patterns. I think she's pulling it off, but it's definitely a look that says, "fashionable."

Next, actress Rachel Bilson mixes a basic t, skinnies and a statement jacket with a fun colorful clutch. The result is a look that is body flattering, current, but still reflective of her personal tastes (in my observations). I think this look says, "stylish."

So, whose look do you prefer?

  • R. Zoe - fashion or die. (1 vote)
  • R. Bilson - it's all in the mix. (16 votes)
  • R. You Kidding Me - they both look terrible. (2 votes)
  • R. You Crazy - they both look amazing. Its a draw. (0 votes)

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