Sunday, March 29, 2009

sous le ciel de Paris...

Et voila, I have returned from my short and sweet trip to Paris. Blissful, inspiring, and delicious come to mind. There is something about Paris that makes my heart flutter - even just thinking about it. The art, the cuisine, the language, the lifestyle - les Parisiens really get it right.

I spent the first two days and nights alone, wandering the streets of the Quartier Latin and the 5th arrondissement, sipping espresso, taking in sunsets over the seine and speaking french to anyone who would engage me.

My travel companion - a paris virgin - arrived on Saturday. I felt like I was introducing him to a dear old friend. Excited, nervous, and prepared to judge him if they didn't get along. Thankfully, they took to each other from the first pain au chocolat.

What followed was five days of everything that makes Paris ... Paris. Bustling cafes with hauty waiters; winding little streets that feel like they are from another time; tiny museums that are discovered like secret treasures; crepes (croissants/ duck/wine/cheese/ chocolate/ croque madame) that melt in your mouth; and more dazzling and awe-inspiring architecture than you can shake an eiffel tower at.
In short, c'etait parfait...

Alors, there was but one problem. It seems I lost myself so completely in languishing the day away in cafes and museums that I lost all will to photograph everyone around me who was essentially doing the same thing. So, the posts that follow will be on a slightly different track than I originally intended.
C'est la vie, non? Until then, xoxo.

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