Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paris, je t'aime!

What better way to kick off a blog about fashion than with a look at the city that practically invented it - PARIS. I leave in 2 weeks for my fifth, yes fifth trip to my favorite city in the world. I have been quite blessed to be able to spend so much time there and I couldn't be more ready to return after nearly two years.

As I traipse through the city of lights, from Musee Rodin to Jardin du Luxembourg and from Zara to La Bonne Marche, I will be scouring the boulevards for les francaises fashionables and well-disguised visitors like myself! With my digital SLR in one hand and a croissant in the other, I will capture the best of Parisian style - and then post it here.

Wish me luck, xoxo.


  1. No better way to start a blog manifesto than mentioning Paris. :)

  2. I ADORE Paris as well. Visited it for the first time this summer and it;s definitely on the list of cities I want to live in one day!

  3. love Paris and love your post. The pictures are beautiful and inspiring. This city is like a magnet.. The culture, art, fashion, beauty, people..all that together create something what I can't resist..