Thursday, January 29, 2015


Room Revamp Inspired By Matisse

Behold: Another element of my New Year's resolution to take better care of myself! As you may or may not know, I dwell in a lovely little apartment in the East Village, and more specifically, in a tiny, windowless bedroom in said apartment.

Believe it or not, I've grown to love my little den, but even after 2.5 years of tinkering, it lacks a certain joie d'esprit, if you know what I mean. I have vintage family photos hung as well as personal, small art prints from my girl Inslee and gauzy lace curtains that almost create the illusion of a window. It's cozy and quiet, but an effort to keep things simple created a lack of color and character. 

And so, I've decided to invest in my space, and really make it my own. I've decided to keep everything blue and white to maintain the simplicity but add dimension and richness. First, I replaced my beloved but drab beige sheets with white sateen Egyptian cotton, and my all-white duvet with a blue and white toile print (plus two matching shams) from Pottery Barn (currently on sale, I might add!). This made a dramatic difference since 70 percent of my room is bed. 

Next, I purchased two poster-size art prints by Matisse (Nu Bleu I and Nu Bleu III). My plan is to hang them side-by-side on my largest wall, over my bed. I'm so excited about these—they're simple, striking and feminine. 

On my to-do for the next couple of months (financing a complete room overhaul all at once is not always feasible) is to find a couple of blue-and-white accent pillows for the bed, and to replace my natural wood dresser with this simple South Shore 5-drawer white dresser. (And then hopefully jazz that up with replacement drawer pulls!)

HOT TIP: My favorite way to change things up instantly and with minimal cost is to buy extremely cheap frames from Bed, Bath & Beyond or some such place and then spray paint them. I turned a set of boring black frames matte gold last year before hanging them on a gallery wall and it made all the difference in the world. 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


It's sort of hard for me to pin down a good description of this song, "Inez Palema" by Dolce. They are a Swedish duo, so a sort of dreamy vibe is to be expected, and you definitely get it—plus a nice beat. Her voice reminds me a bit of Zooey Deschanel without the twee attitude and too-retro feel. It's deep and sort of rough around the edges, but soft and cool enough to carry the track. I dig the sound of Dolce, who sound a lot like Mackintosh Braun, She & Him and Beach House—all rolled into one delicious Swedish pancake.

The song was premiered for the US by Pigeons & Planes today, so there's barely any info available about the group online at the moment. Consider this your new new for the week.

[Image credit: Pigeons & Planes]

Monday, January 26, 2015


{ Keira Knightley in Erdem }

I shouldn't be surprised, but I thought the SAG Awards red carpet was a huge snooze this year. Many people looked fine, many more people looked pretty bad. A few special ladies looked pretty amazing and cool. The first is the ethereal pregnant beauty of Keira Knightley in Erdem. I don't often love purple, so liking this dress is huge for me. I am also completely sold on her rather minimal beauty look and messy, pretty hair. (And check out the ear cuff!)

{ Rosamund Pike in Dior Haute Couture }

Here's Rosamund Pike in seriously voluminous high-low hemmed Dior. This is a lot of dress to pull off, but with simple pointed-toe pumps, that asymmetrical bob and a red lip, she absolutely nails it. (Very, very sadly Emma Stone also wore Dior but she looked so terrible I dare not post her look to this blog, for fear it will make me #foreversad.)

So, okay then. That is pretty much all I have to report about the red carpet at the SAG Awards. Voluminous, textured gowns from a blonde and a brunette and nothing more. I'm not mad at it though, because this is all just filler before the Academy Awards. Get the mediocrity out of your system early, I say.


Seahawks Superbowl Style 2015

{ New Era Seahawks beanie / Homefield '12ème Homme' sweatshirt / Frame Denim jeans / Adidas Stan Smith sneakers / Forever 21 bag / Butter London polish / Rue Gembon ear jackets }

Well, they did it again. The Seattle Seahawks are headed towards their second consecutive Super Bowl game, coming up on February 1. As you guys might have read last year, the high stakes and hometown pride I feel during playoff games has brought out an inner sports fan I'm not sure I ever knew was there.

I'm not sure what my plans are for watching the game this year, but with the (perhaps lucky) beanie my aunt and uncle got me for Christmas and the vintage-inspired Hawks tee I purchased last year—I'll be dressed for the occasion. Whether you're loafing it on someone's couch or smashed between your fellow ultra-enthusiastic fans at a bar, comfort is the key to Super Bowl style. I love the look of old school Stan Smith sneakers paired with distressed denim, this ridiculously awesome sweatshirt and a little sparkle. For me it strikes the perfect note of sporty-meets-festive-meets-feminine.

HOT TIP: Definitely check out the goods from Homefield Sporting Co. They have a series of Seahawks and Sounders gear that is just so cool. I am obsessed with the above '12ème Homme' black-on-black sweatshirt—which is unfortunately sold out in almost every size at the moment. (But there are still plenty of heather grey t-shirts in the same style.)

And if you're rooting for the New England Patriots? Well, I have nothing for you. GO HAWKS!

Friday, January 23, 2015


Hurrah! It's Friday again! Which means it's time for my second stab at this weekly roundup of things I liked on the Internet this week. I won't keep you waiting, because that's not what the Internet is about. Behold: New podcasts, funny videos and thought-provoking articles—because I'm multidimensional like that.
Do you need a new podcast to obsess over now that season one of Serial is over? Check out NPR'S INVISIBILIA. The hosts explore "the invisible forces that shape human behavior," and just two episodes in I'm totally hooked.
What if Benedict Cumberbatch was actually named Tim? Well, his voice is still silky smooth, so you'd probably like it if he approached you at a bar. What the hell am I talking about? Just watch THIS CLIP FROM JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE.
Where my Broad City fans at? Did you know THE AL DENTE DENTIST is a blog that actually exists? Yes. You're welcome. (If you don't watch Broad City, get that taken care of via Hulu real quick and then come back here.)
Need a new Instagram follow? Check out Portland, Oregon-based interior designer CASEY KEASLER
I attended private elementary and high schools, then a public university, at which I was a member of a sorority. No matter your education history, these two articles on SORORITY-HOSTED PARTIES and THE PRIVATE SCHOOL STIGMA—both via The Atlantic online—are very interesting and debate-provoking.
Ever wondered what A FLIPPED OVER ICEBERG looks like? Behold the beauty. 
My friend Grace has rebranded and redesigned her fantastic blog to be even more fantastic. Let's all give a round of digital applause for the launch of THE STRIPE
"Cover the dumb stuff really smartly and the smart stuff really lightly." — This and other pearls of wisdom and style from The Coveteur's DESKSIDE WITH STELLA BUGBEE, the Editorial Director of The Cut.
This Tumblr, WHAT THEY SEE, shows us what famous works of art look at all day.  

Thursday, January 22, 2015


{ Left: Céline dress, Pierre Hardy shoes and Jennifer Fisher necklace
Right: Altuzarra blouse and skirt (similar), Sonia Rykiel sandals, Jennifer Fisher necklace }

As I proclaimed in my Golden Globes post, I am really happy to have Sienna Miller back in our lives. She is always such a breath of fresh air when it comes to style, and I have always found her approach to dressing to be very inspiring. She manages to look bohemian, polished, rock and roll and somewhat realistic all at the same time. She's like a more approachable Kate Moss, no?

Anyway, she's been making the rounds these past few weeks promoting American Sniper looking all kinds of cool and gorgeous—though she must be freezing in these open toe shoes and leg-baring skirts in New York! No matter, she is super-human and probably kept warm by her improbably perfectly imperfect hair. I mean, right? (Her hair is making me want to chop a few more inches off my own—and immediately seek out someone to help me master those messy waves!)

I adore both of these looks so much, and they have me feeling serious "When will it be spring?" vibes—which is kind of annoying in the middle of January. However, now is the time to start saving our pennies and earmarking the warm weather pieces we'll be sporting eventually. And while I most likely will not be splurging on Céline and Altuzarra for myself, we can be sure that the other Zara will most likely have some similar looks in store for us. Mixed stripes? A loose knit sweater dress? stacked heel sandals? Yes please to all of it.

In the  meantime though, my hot tip is to snag this Jules Smith choker that is quite similar to the Jennifer Fisher version shown above, and about $200 less. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


As I do sometimes, I must come to you this week, hat in hand. Børns came onto the scene with "10,000 Emerald Pools" back in October, and released an EP, Candy, in November. I know that generally speaking not much time has passed, but I really pride myself on trying to bring you guys that new new. Hopefully the wonderfulness to follow will make up for the time lapse.

Børns is my new obsession. His sound is fresh and new with a retro feeling, as well as totally groovy, slightly ethereal and playfully romantic. Unfortunately for us, there are only four songs available on the Internet, but this small sampling packs a seriously delightful punch. The singer, whose name is actually Garrett Borns, is from the midwest but currently resides in a treehouse outside LA. Seriously. When you think about it, it actually makes total sense. To me, his music is like what it might sound like if Lord Huron took a long vacation at an oceanfront pool house in Malibu and found a new love and listened to a lot of Duran Duran.

Check out the entire Candy EP on Spotify especially "Electric Love" and "Past Lives." But right this very second, dive into "10,000 Emerald Pools," below:

Børns is about to go on tour with sonically compatible band MisterWives (coincidentally last week's MWMM), and also, probably about to get way more famous, thanks to a very complementary Instagram from Taylor Swift regarding the song "Electric Love."

Let me know your thoughts!