Friday, May 29, 2015


You did it! Another work week is in the books, and we are inching ever-closer to those sweet, sweet days of high summer. Let's take advantage of the (relatively) cool temps while we can though, right? To get you in the mood to get out and make the most of the weekend, this week's links are all kinds of inspiring—from reasons to run to Bey's dance moves and Jessica Alba's astonishing entrepreneurship to the (slightly) nicer side of Regina George that we didn't even know was there. Enjoy and see you Monday! 
#BEYONCEALWAYSONBEAT is the meme you never knew you needed, but now it will be hard to live without. You're welcome. 
My girl Meghan asked her most city-savvy friends (including moi) to suggest AMAZING SUMMER ACTIVITIES TO DO IN NYC. They're all pretty awesome, so start that bucket list now! 
The personal essays published on The Cut are some of my favorite things to read online, ever. This week, author Michelle Goldberg shares an extremely honest account of her transition from PROUD NON-BREEDER TO HAPPY MOTHER—in her late 30s. 
Believe it or not, JESSICA ALBA IS ONE OF FORBES' RICHEST SELF-MADE WOMEN IN AMERICA. The Honest Company has been valued at $1 billion, and she's sitting on a $200 million fortune herself. It's safe to say she's come a long way from Honey
It's important to know that a PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN DELETED SCENE FROM MEAN GIRLS HAS SURFACED. Ahh, how we missed you, Regina George. 
I used to be a runner. Now I'm not. Into the Gloss makes a case for why RUNNING SUCKS BUT YOU SHOULD DO IT ANYWAY. Maybe it's time to start again...
FYI, I love following dogs on Instagram. I also love reading The Infatuation restaurant reviews all the time. So @MARNIE THE DOG SHARING HER FRIDAY FIVES is really, really important to me. It should be to you, too. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015


{ On the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey last summer }

I don't want to be like this, but I feel the need to let you know that for once in my life, there is something that I knew before Vogue knew it. It is this: The only beach cover-up a girl really needs is man's white button down shirt.

Back in college at the University of Arizona, I was the girl who would show up to fraternity pool parties in a bikini, sandals, a tank top and no pants. This was circa 2006, before tunics and draping were really in, so my whole bottom was pretty much out. And while I thought I looked quite sassy, I look back at photos of those infamous day parties with a somewhat red face. 

Flash forward to my early post-college days, and I managed to find a happy balance between my leg-flashing desires and socially acceptable off-campus beach/pool attire. Throwing on a man's button down shirt over my swimsuit allowed me to feel appropriately covered, totally comfortable and stylish to boot. It's a summer look so effortless and classic it's almost stupid. Leave only the two middle buttons done, slide into some Birks, throw on your Ray-Bans and you're done. The effect is sexy and utterly unfussy—just the way I'd imagine we all want to feel at the beach or lounging poolside.

My beachwear sees a fair amount of abuse during the summer—shoved into weekenders and tote bags, dragged through the sand and dipped into the ocean—so I'd balk to spend more than about $40 on said white shirt. Last year I picked up a slim-cut oxford from Old Navy for about $25 (size small works brilliantly) and wore it everywhere. This season I want to get my hands on a linen version with short sleeves to achieve an even breezier feel.


*For proof of my forward-thinking style, check out this VERY vintage blog post from the summer of 2011... Sure the shirt is blue, but you get the idea :)

Monday, May 25, 2015


{ Banana Republic romper  / J. Crew sandals (old, similar) / Oakley shades }

Happy Memorial Day! Now that summer is unofficially but ceremonially here, I'm happy to be dialing back my wardrobe to wearing as little as possible whenever possible. And while I do love a dress, my tomboyish nature also loves the appeal of a romper: the playful and freeing silhouette of shorts and a blouse without all the work. Just throw it on and go—one and done.

The one above (recently worn here) was an impulse purchase I picked up from Banana Republic, and I love the dropped waist and relaxed fit. By switching out Adidas slides and a kimono for a bracelet and a pair of metallic heels this little one-piece wonder goes from errands and brunch to engagement parties and evenings on the town. I love the idea that no matter what the occasion, I can reach into my closet for this single piece and know that it will work. 


*It should be noted that of course my girl Meghan was recently wearing a very similar outfit on her blog... #greatminds

[Photography by Amanda Boyce]

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Whether you're planning to stay in town and enjoy your city's (probably) relatively empty bars and restaurants or have decided to venture off to a beach or a pool somewhere, there's one thing that everyone's Memorial Day weekend needs: a soundtrack. 

If you're reading this that means you're probably already down with my style of playlist and my general musical vibes—so you'll probably like what I've thrown together here. In my opinion no summer playlist worth its salt should be without a few throwback and vintage tunes, so you'll find a few gems from Paul Simon, Earth Wind & Fire and the like, not to mention Ma$e, Janet Jackson and my go-to summer band, Vampire Weekend. And since I want to keep things fresh, you'll also find some brand new songs and perhaps some artists you haven't even heard of yet. 

Maybe you'll be sitting in traffic on your way to Montauk, maybe you'll be barbecuing with friends in your backyard or camping by some peaceful lake in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully the below will help set the mood and carry you into the summer with happy, sunny grooves. Enjoy and have a great long weekend!


Friday, May 22, 2015


Oh boy, it's a Memorial Day edition of the Friday link roundup! Unfortunately they aren't all themed to beaches or barbecues or something, but some of them are  about beach waves and Beiber jams, which, in my opinion, are very on-point for #MDW. Check out all the stories and videos below and have a glorious 3-day weekend!
Ever thought about getting a tattoo? I think most of us have. Over on, two writers MAKE A CASE FOR AND AGAINST GETTING INKED. Solid reasoning all-around... 
Ever feel like the job you have isn't the job you're meant for? Try making a list of your best talents and skills and you might end up with SOMETHING LIKE THIS, from the humor column of The New Yorker. (I too feel I could excel as "TV's Frasier.") 
My girl Grace has been knocking it out of the park on her blog, The Stripe, lately—and this BEACH WAVES HAIR TUTORIAL is no exception. Even though my hair is crazy-short now, I still want to get myself a wand and give this look a try. 
Here's a thing that's hard: He's the worst. He's so lame. And yet, JUSTIN BIEBER DOING CARPOOL KARAOKE WITH JAMES CORDEN is pretty endearing. Maybe it's just because James Corden is such a boss and the Biebs has no farther to fall? 
As I'm sure you know, David Letterman's 33-year run in late night TV ended this week. I never watched his show much (I'm more of a Jimmy Fallon devotee) but THE LAST TOP 10 LIST is pretty damn great. 
Do nice guys really finish last? The Atlantic takes a look at why IT PAYS TO BE A JERK. Ugh.
Because critters are fun, check out this list of the TOP 10 NEW SPECIES OF THE YEAR. Apparently about 18,000 new species were identified in 2014, including a prehistoric dinosaur scientists refer to as "the chicken from hell" and a spider that uses cartwheels as an escape tactic.
Want to swoon over a small space? Feast your eyes on this 362-SQUARE-FOOT CANAL COTTAGE IN VENICE BEACH featured on Domaine Home. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


As far as my musical tastes go, I would hardly call any of my leanings "weird." For me, Hot Chip is about as weird as I get. Their sound is somewhat robotic at times, and the layered vocals can feel somewhat impersonal with tones that vary from airy falsetto to cool monotones. A lot of Hot Chip songs sound the same and can feel sort of depressing—and yet. There are some pop elements and catchy hooks throughout their catalog that give the "weird" vibes some universal appeal. Songs like "Ready for the Floor," "Flutes" and "Motion Sickness" are constantly making it onto my playlists for their funky, dance-y groove. I don't think they sound like anyone else, and their rebellion against the usual sounds of electronic music is fun and refreshing.

So on that note, Hot Chip released a new album this week! Why Make Sense? is packed with the same dependably strange sounds mixed with easy, melodic grooves. Get a feel for it with the below track from the middle of the album, "Dark Night."

*Because I couldn't resist, I feel the need to point you to a few more hot tips this week from artists recently featured in the MWMM. The first is that MADE IN HEIGHTS' first full-length album is out and it is all the things and so many #vibez. The second is that Florence + The Machine also has a new song out that is a real heartbreaker. Go forth and listen.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Memorial Day Weekend 2015

I don't want to jinx it, but as of now, the forecast in the New York area for MDW is looking amazing—temperatures in the high 70s and plenty of sunshine. It's time to rejoice, summer is (basically) here.

In theory, I am not a huge fan of buying a bunch of new clothes just for one particular event or weekend. I prefer to look at what I have, decide what kind of "vibe" I want to present for said occasion, and then narrow down just one or two things that will give me the update I want and have some staying power, too.

So when it comes to this summer kickoff weekend, I have my eye on some pieces that will make me feel excited for the season and prove wearable throughout the months to come. And yes, for me that means acquiring a giant floating swan to make every pool I come across 100% more fun.

TRY A COOL-MEETS-ALL-AMERICAN-LOOK: Nothing says 'merica and 3-day-weekend quite like denim, but why not break from your usual jorts look and try a seriously cool kimono-style denim jacket? I can see this looking amazing over anything from your swimsuit by the pool to party dresses and, you know, jorts. Top off everything to wear this weekend with classic Clubmaster shades and a layer-able fish hook cuff from Miansai. And whether you use it as your weekend bag or beach tote—this rafia carryall from Madewell is the perfect way to transport all your essentials.

BREAK IN YOUR SUMMER SANDALS: Last summer I waited too long, and had a hell of a time breaking in my stiff leather Birkenstocks in time to actually enjoy how cool they looked at the beach. Best to start now by wearing yours as often as possible. Or, try their sandals with Birko-Flor uppers (mine just arrived from Zappos) that are already incredibly soft and ready to be worn all day the second they come out of the box.

LATHER ON THE SPF & PROTECT YOUR BOD: On this first weekend of summer, it's really tempting to try and get as tan as possible. But when your skin hasn't seen rays for months on end, you're most likely bound for a burn. Take it from me and start the habit now: wear a minimum of SPF 30 no matter what and shield your face with a chic straw hat or baseball cap. And on that note, I haven't quite reached the ultimate 'beach bod' status just yet, so a playful one-piece is looking like the ideal early-summer swimsuit.

PACK A POOL-SIDE NOVEL & FODDER FOR YOUR 'GRAM FAM: Whatever, you know you want to snap some envy-inducing 'grams in a pool with this giant floating swan. But when you're not debating filters and emoji-filled captions, make sure you've got an engrossing novel to help you while away the hours by the water. (I'm dying to read The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins next.)