Thursday, September 22, 2016


Happy Thursday! Why so happy, you might ask? Because Gigi Hadid is just stepped out at Milan Fashion Week wearing a gold, sequin-covered duster jacket, a long-sleeve knit romper and fur-trimmed sandals—that's why. I haven't really been following all of the Fashion Month happenings that closely this season, but when I came across this image I literally could not look away.

The jacket she's thrown over her shoulders is Max Mara, and not-coincidentally-at-all she is photographed here on her way into the Max Mara show. I would venture to guess that her bag and shoes are also Max Mara, but I'm not 100 percent on that. No matter, though, because we need only to sit back, relax and appreciate how truly magnificent this outfit is. Staring at it makes me feel like I'm in a warm, glowing and glamorous trance—and also like I want to blast some Donna Summer

I love the mix of textures in this look, and the way all the gold and nude tones just seem to blend in with her skin, hair and makeup. This is monochromatic dressing taken to the extreme—it's a wild look to try and emulate in the real world, that's for sure. Doesn't it remind you of something our girl Carrie Bradshaw might have worn had SATC taken place in 2016? And not to a party or anything, but like, to a baby shower.

I should also note that this look comes closely on the heels of Kim Kardashian West and North stepping out on the Pablo tour in matching silver sequin Vetements dresses. I have a feeling that the metallic trend is going to be taken to a whole new level this fall... And I'm into it.

A similar look doesn't come cheap, obviously, but Libertine makes a very cool silver sequin bomber jacket and Tibi has a whole host of sequined goodies this season, including this swishy gold skirt I am obsessed with.

What do you think of Gigi dressed as the golden disco ball of my dreams? 

Image credit: Getty Images

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I am notoriously adverse to wearing a lot of color, especially in the fall and winter. Aside from my most treasured, beloved and prized camel coat (which is technically a neutral as well), I usually just pile on layers and layers of black, navy, grey and white. Blame it on the changing tides of fashion but I'm slowly warming up to the idea of infusing my cold weather wardrobe with a bit more color—mainly a rich, jewel-to-olive hue of green.

I've found myself trying to add a little green to my life in all sorts of ways, actually—I'm even making a mental list of all the plants I want to *try* and keep alive in our new Greenwich Village apartment. Green, by it's very nature, is sort of a hard color to wear. I think we tend to think of a brigher, more acidic shade of green when we think of apparel (ick!) but moss, hunter green, and olive tones are infinitely more wearable—especially if you're just starting to ease away from black, navy and grey, like me. (Do note that I wore a green dress to my friend's black tie wedding in April.)

I'll admit, I tried to avoid all this green at first. I have an olive green Barbour jacket (the timeless Beadnell, anyone?) and those classic green Hunter boots (now in a lighter, packable style!) and that felt like all I needed. That is until I started seeing Mansur Gavriel's new bags for fall. Their suede and leather bags in a deep moss green (mainly the 'Elegant' top handle bag) are just too good to resist. I could see them looking so so chic with an all-black outfit—just a little hint of something different that adds interest and character to your everyday uniform.

One of the five rings I wear daily is a tiny gold band with a teeny tiny green stone—and I hardly even noticed how much I liked the color until, like I said, I started seeing green everywhere. I found a similarly dainty ring from Catbird for just $185 that has a tiny emerald stone in a round gold setting. And speaking of green stones—can we have a moment for these drop earrings from J.Crew? I love how feminine they are, they remind me of something Lady Mary might have worn on Downton Abby.

Also at the top of my green list is this preppy, bright pouch from Mark and Graham. I love the monogram on the pocket, and could see it making the perfect companion for dinner dates or tucking into my tote for work. Additionally, I'm crushing hard on Away's collection of carry-on bags, and my favorite one just happens to be dark green.

Below, I've rounded up my favorite green things, including J.Crew's perennially wearable Jackie shell (on sale!) and a cozy-looking olive green cashmere blend turtleneck from Uniqlo. (Oh and obviously this satin-y emerald green robe from Mango...) Now go forth and go green.


Friday, September 16, 2016


To be honest, I can't quite trace back the exact origins of my love for menswear. I think part of it comes from that time I was brand new to New York (and social media was just starting to become what it is today) and I developed a digital crush on a menswear blogger. Perhaps it finally became serious when I was tasked with helming all the menswear content for my former employer, Lifestyle Mirror. I may have started singing it from the rooftops as soon as I started contributing regularly to Style Girlfriend.

Whatever the case may be, here I am and here are my favorite menswear pieces of the moment. I say "of the moment" because right now, I can't stop being selfish—dreaming of all the ways that menswear can work for me. You might know from previous stories that I'm already a devoted wearer of men's sweaters (best exemplified here), but I've added a few more finds to my straight-up-stollen-from-the-guys shopping list.

Curious what they are? Want to get in on this low key look with me? 
Then by all means, come thru!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


{ J.Crew x Drake's top and pants, $198 each }

You guys, I am writing this post to you in a rather breathless state. I have no idea how it took me so long to find out about J. Crew's capsule collaboration with British scarf-and-tie maker Drake's. Frankly, I'm a little upset about it. Given my propensity for fashion news and love for printed silk, I am unsure if I was in a coma or perhaps, more likely, really wrapped up in unpacking—given that I had moved apartments just says before the launch. Anywho, the voyage of discovery that brought me to this delightful collaboration between J.Crew and Drake's went something like this:

1. On Sunday the evening train home from Southhampton, Taylor sees an image of Jenna Lyons at the SS17 J.Crew presentation. She likes the look (perhaps even literally) but then forgets about it.
2. The Cut posts a story on Sunday night about how cool Jenna Lyons and Courtney Crangi look at the Altuzarra show. Taylor sees this post on Monday afternoon. The Cut notes that the duo is wearing mismatched sets from the Drakes x J. Crew collaboration. 
3. Taylor remembers that she used to put a lot of Drake's ties in her menswear posts for Lifestyle Mirror.
4. Taylor clicks on this link in the story, wondering what the heck is going on, exactly.
5. Taylor sees that said collaboration launched exactly one month ago and feels briefly insane.
6. Upon realizing the entire thing is not yet sold out, Taylor relaxes slightly and starts writing this post.

You can read all about the collaboration on J.Crew's very well-done blog, which I just did, with just the slightest bit of drool dangling from my parted lips. You see, I have a slight (but to be honest bordering on obsessive) love for pajama dressing right now. Did you read my extensive post on it back in March? Or maybe this one I wrote for, also in March? Unlike other romantic fires that were very very flame emoji this spring, the torch I carry for this trend is still burning strong. There aren't enough kimonos, mules or silky pants in the world to quench my desires.

{ J. Crew x Drake's top and pants, $198 each }

As it turns out, there is no scenario in which my life can go on without owning this shirt. I want to wear it like the model above, as a layering piece over t-shirts and camisoles (date night talking piece, anyone?), and also on its own with a pair of re/done jeans and these Sam Edelman mules. And, tbh, I think I really, really want the pants too because who doesn't want a pair of slim-cut elastic waist pants in a really chic, bordering-on-royal unicorn print? This outfit reminds me of what Cersei Lannister might wear to bed if Game of Thrones was set in 2016. And if that doesn't feel like the ultimate party outfit inspiration for the upcoming fall, I don't know what does.

The collection includes a few more small pieces like scarves and ballet flats, but if you're anything like me, you'll agree that the interchangeable tops and pants are the real money-makers here.

Upon reading through this post, I realize it's crazed, scattered and quite passionate. Frankly, it sounds like the fever dream musings of a fashion editor with the flu. I'm okay with that.


Image credits: J.Crew

Monday, September 12, 2016


Initially, and by that I mean literally like five years ago, I scoffed at the people who took pictures of their food and posted it on social media. "Who cares?" I thought. "Be present!" I continued. "Get it while it's hot!" and all that. But then you see all the likes your peers are getting, you feel the pull to document, and soon enough you're whipping out your phone to commemorate a meal just like everyone else.

Sigh. I don't feel great about this, but I also don't feel that bad. It's like taking selfies (sort of)—they were once so maligned, but are now just as ubiquitous as a sunset snap. (Remember when selfie was the word of the year? That was three years ago!) I'd rather see someone taking a picture of their meal or themselves, as apposed to wandering around a park, transfixed by their screen, searching for Pokemon Go, to be honest.

Anyway! I say all this to say that yes, I've given in to the digital gratification of snapping my most delicious-looking and well-lit meals and drinks. I've realized something though, which makes me feel a bit more justified in such tacky behavior: Looking at these photos helps me recall all kinds of sensory memories from the places and people that inspired each pink cocktail glass perspiring in the sun or lobster roll on a painted picnic table on a breezy evening in Maine.

When I look at the above fish tacos from The Blue Parrot in East Hampton, I remember exactly how tangy that sauce was, how the breading crunched in my mouth and how refreshing it was to wash the whole meal down with a cold Montauk Brewery Summer Ale. And, I remember that I was sitting across from my friend Sue, chatting about life at Workville and swapping Hamptons memories from earlier in the summer. It was our last getaway out East for the season, and that bittersweet realization rings fresh when I see this image in my Instagram feed.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016


{ Look it's me! On a bench! Get it? }

In the week following our first date, Jake* kept in touch with sporadic texts, most notably one that asked for my forgiveness, as he had forgotten to tell me how pretty I looked the other night. I didn't think about him much unless his unsaved phone number popped up on my screen. When it did, I vaguely wondered why he hadn't yet asked for a second date.

Then it came: A message formally addressed to me, Taylor, which explained that though he found me "very fun and really attractive" he couldn't ask me out on a second date because he had been invited on a weekend trip with someone else he was casually dating.


When I was in Montauk last month, I gave my number to a cute, tall guy I met at a bar called Memory Motel. It's a cheesy place for cheesy people, and I suppose that in hindsight, you might consider this a clue to what was to be the story of me and this cute, tall guy.

I haven't written about dating here on the blog for quite a few months, not since the Drake Guide to Dating back in February. I had every intention of putting together an article about Bumble—a dating app where women make the first move to start a conversation with a match. In a that would have been such a cute story if it had worked out way, I ended up dating a guy whom I had originally set out to interview for said story, and the whole thing sort of evaporated. (Ironically, I think that could make for a more interesting post someday.) After that relationship ended, I found myself achieving what can feel almost impossible these days: I got a date with a guy I met while just being out in the world.


Friday, September 2, 2016


Not that anyone's paying attention other than me, but it turns out that I haven't posted a playlist on the blog since my roundup of my favorite songs from 2015. That was... A while ago to say the least. I recently got a comment on my Instagram calling for the return of the Mid-Week Music Moment, so I may start slowly re-introducing some more frequent musical vibes onto the blog.

In the meantime though, Labor Day Weekend is here! I'm taking off for Portland in a few short hours, and am already determined to make sure this weekend has an endless summer soundtrack. This time of year I really let my love for Top 40 and corny pop music take over, so the following playlist is a lot of that.

I kicked things off with my current #mood anthem, Tove Lo's "Cool Girl," and peppered in some Drake, Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and a new favorite, Raleigh Ritchie. Oh, and if you thought you could escape Maroon 5's "Sugar," sorry—not sorry. Also thrown into the mix were a few of my #songofsummer contender jams like "Work From Home" (again, I am not sorry), "Cold Water," and Ariana Grande's "Greedy."

If you're not ready to give into the saccharine, sugary goodness of this playlist, I suggest you go elsewhere and listen to The Life Of Pablo in some self-serious room by yourself. Everyone else? Hop in the car, roll the windows down and soak up those last joyful rays of summer...


Photo by Bekka Palmer