Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Every year Valentine's Day comes around and I'm like, do I want to post about it this time? A couple of years ago I was feeling feisty, and wrote about how being single on Valentine's Day is "chill as hell." Then last year I put together a little gift guide that was just basically cool stuff to wear, drink and read that were shades of burgundy, red and pink. Oh, and one of my favorite posts ever was from 2016 too, The Drake Guide to Dating!

This year I'm in an even more "meh" mood about Valentine's Day than usual. However, I'd hate to leave you guys hanging, because I know you totally rely on me to keep you emotionally stable on this day... Right? Right.

This year, I'm keeping it light and boozy—literally. Below I've outlined my best suggestions for what to drink on Valentine's Day, whether you're out at a bar with friends, on a date with your lover or at home watching the Olympics. The thread that binds them all together? All five drinks are a shade of red or pink. You're welcome, bozos!

1. A Bottle of Lambrusco
Speaking of delicious sparkling wines (wasn't I?), let me say that champagne is so cheesy. Do you hear me? It's fine for celebrations and also Thursdays, but on Valentine's Day, we can all be more original than that. In it's place, I propose a currently trending bottle of Lambrusco—sparkling red wine from Italy. You get the effervescent pleasure of sparkling wine with the romantic delights of red wine so honestly, what's not to love? (Pun intended, obviously.)

2. The Negroni 'Sbagliato'
Like I said, champagne (and all sparkling wines) on their own are a cheesy move on Valentine's Day. However, mixing said bubbles into a cocktail? That, I can support. If you're looking for something a little more bitter and festive than a traditional Aperol Spritz, try this drink recipe I found via GQ. The Negroni 'Sbagliato' substitutes the original recipe's gin for dry prosecco. The result is fizzy, festive and one of those drinks that but guys and girls will enjoy equally. (If you like the taste of Campari, that is.) To me, this is the perfect at-home cocktail to whip up if you (or you and your lover) are planning a low-key Valentine's night that involves high-key devotion to watching the Olympics on your couch.

3. Caffe Dante's Classic Garibaldi
My friend had her post-wedding brunch at Dante this past September, and in my hazy, slightly hungover state, I couldn't handle the idea of a proper cocktail. So instead, I tried their softer-but-still-alcoholic option, the Garibaldi—a mix of "fluffy" orange juice and Campari. (More Campari? Yes. I'm obsessed right now, and I want you to be, also. Sorry, not sorry.) This is a great option if you're in the mood for a morning celebration today, or will be celebrating over homemade brunch this weekend. You can find the recipe to make your own at home right here.

4. Bar Cotto's Twilight In Parma
Okay so a disclosure here: I am not sure exactly what the recipe for this cocktail would look like, but the list of ingredients sounds absolutely delightful, and I have faith that we could figure it for ourselves out at home. There's a picture above, which maybe helps? This restaurant, Bar Cotto in Seattle, got a raving 9.4 review from The Infatuation, and their list of "musts" includes Twilight in Parma, a cocktail composed of gin, lime, lambrusco and rosemary. Whoa, right? From what I can tell you should mix the lime juice and gin to taste and pour in a double old fashioned glass over ice, then top with a lambrusco float, garnishing with rosemary. This sounds so heavenly, no?

5. A Bottle of 90+ Cellars Pinot Noir
Some of you might just be like, Taylor these drinks all sound complicated or bitter or like, strange. And you know what? I hear you. I don't think you're giving me, these drinks or your taste level a fair shot—but okay. And to you people, I present a gift. The gift is my current favorite red, from my favorite people over at 90+ Cellars. Their reserve Pinot Noir ($20) is so freaking good. It's rich and smooth and tastes far more expensive than the price tag, and doesn't have that sort of lame "I'm a light wine!" vibe you get from so many inexpensive bottles of Pinot Noir. Oh also, they put a cute label on it for the holiday, which I find incredibly endearing.

Now go forth and drink in this silly, silly holiday.

Monday, February 12, 2018


Hi! Hello! Do you find the headline of this post to be somewhat of an oxymoron? I get it. A carry-on for a ski trip sounds crazy. All those layers! All that equipment! Coats! But hear me out, because I'm about to do this myself, for real. And you can too, I promise! (I think.)

First let's first assume something: You will be renting the "big ticket" items necessary to ski; by which I mean skis, boots and poles. Kudos to those of you who have a place to keep such things in a New York apartment, because I sure don't, so rentals it is. Anyway, let's get down to the business of folding, rolling, compressing and heavy amounts of editing.

Not too long ago I bit the bullet and got myself the "Bigger Carry-On" from trendy AF luggage company Away. I know everyone's talking about them and the hype can be off-putting, but I really love this bag. The compression side of the bag can fit a ton of stuff,  and the charging port on the top is really handy. When I went to Ireland in November I brought an absolutely unbelievable amount of stuff in that bag—enough for a black tie wedding, two cocktail attire events and five days of running around in the damp Irish countryside. I have no doubt that this bag can handle my ski weekend needs.

*If you buy one through the link above (or right here), you can save $20!

Personally, coordinating items are my key to not overpacking and also making sure I have everything I need for skiing. My base layers for all activities will be this matching set (blessings to you, Sweaty Betty), and pretty much everything I'll wear with them falls into the same color scheme. The leggings and coordinating turtleneck can be layered with my burgundy Heattech fleece and down vest from Uniqlo, as well as my white Turtle Fur neck warmer. These layers should also be enough for activities like snowshoeing and cross country skiing on their own.

The big challenge with a ski trip out east is the temperatures—along with having kind of puny mountains (sorry, it's true!) it's also astronomically colder than skiing in the Rockies for reasons you need a meteorologist to explain. Getting enough warm gear into a carryon is no small feat, but here's my plan.
  • Mittens instead of gloves: I have these Swany 'Toaster' mittens, which have a zipper on top you can use to release the glove liners inside that have touchscreen capabilities—which means I can text or get at my chapstick easily without taking off my mittens completely. And, they're so warm.
  • Tights to wear under my base layer: That's right, a layer under your base layer! I often wear a pair of standard issue (but nice and high-waisted) opaque black tights under my base layers for some added warmth. They're not cheap, but Spanx are the bomb for this scenario. (I know they don't "wick" like normal sports fabrics, but whatever.) Also, they pack tiny!
  • In-boot ski pants: I have an older pair of Burton ski pants that go into my boots that I love, except that they are more low-waisted than I'd prefer. (Snowboarders are cool like that.) I've been on the hunt for an affordable upgrade that's designed for skiing, and these AFRC stirup pants look like a great choice!

What? This tip is rude? Sorry. My hottest hot tip for packing all your ski weekend needs into a carry-on bag is to realize that having a completely different Instagram #OOTD-worthy outfit for every day is kind of dumb. So what do I recommend you actually pack for going out at night, hanging around the house, ice skating in the afternoon, etc? Here we go:
  • One one pair of jeans: Personally, I'd go with your favorite high-waisted black skinny jeans, but whichever jeans you wear the most often in the winter is your best bet. Skip the cool Levi's, skip anything cropped. You want to be able to tuck your jeans into tall snow boots and let them fade into the background of your outfits so no one notices that you're wearing them multiple times.
  • Two non-athletic sweaters, maximum: This is the part that's hard for me, because I love sweaters and I love options. But the truth is, most of your ski weekend will be spent either on the mountain or flopping around on the couch in your leggings. I'd wear one on the plane, and pack the other. (Two cute options I'm considering for my trip to Maine? This J. Crew that's on major sale and my boyfriend v-neck from Grana.)
  • One flannel or denim shirt: Ski trips are not the occasion for your favorite going out top. Even in Aspen and Sun Valley, mountain nights out are more casual. Bring a shirt that does double duty for day and night, like a flannel (I like to wear a men's version) or a denim shirt that will make for the perfect Canadian tuxedo or easy contrast with the aforementioned black jeans.
  • Be choosy with your accessories: If you know you'll be going out at least one night, throw in a pair of statement earrings to go with your casual shirt. If you're tempted to bring like, a lot of hats (just me?) try to limit yourself to one beanie and one wide-brim. And if you have to throw in a beret, too, so be it. And sunglasses? Well I have a problem with always overpacking them, but I'd go with one pair of practical polarized shades (for cross country skiing or snowshoeing) and one fashion pair for everything else. 
  • Shoes! Ugh shoes are for sure the hardest part of packing for a winter trip in a carry-on. And I don't quite have this perfectly planned out for my upcoming trip (to Maine, yay!), but my plan is to pack my snow boots (similar to these from L.L. Bean) and my Allbirds, and wear the boots I'll wear the rest of the trip on the plane. (Something similar to these delicious Frye boots, because they work for day and night, bad weather and good.)

Depending on how far you're flying, you might need to be really comfortable or just comfortable enough. That said, you might fly in leggings or that extra pair of jeans you swear you need to have. Other than that, I'd do your best to wear the bulky, annoying stuff (I know, so not chic)
  • Wear your ski jacket on the plane: I know, ugh it's annoying—but if you get one that's stylish enough, you won't mind! I got this one from Topshop Sno (pictured) and love it, but there are a lot of options out there, of course. The point is, you want to pack whatever jacket is smaller, and wear the bulkier one. (Which you can always shove in the overhead bin!)
  • If you insist on bringing a blanket scarf, wear that too. A strange thing about me is that when I'm on a ski trip, I don't like scarves. I just like to wear a hat and a warm coat and call it a day—dealing with scarves in bars or when you're walking in and out of heated shops and restaurants is a pain to me. So, I don't know, if you've gotta have it, wear it.
  • If you bring the aforementioned wide-brim hat: You gotta wear that, too, or tuck it in your tote bag.
  • Make your "personal item" work overtime for you. I don't love bringing backpacks on planes, as a general theory. I think they're difficult to get into, and make it hard to access everything you need before you get on the plane. However, if you've gotta use it to fit a few more essentials, so be it. (I like this one from Timbuk2 that looks like 90s Prada.) Otherwise, I'd go with a zip-top tote bag, so you can easily stow it without worrying about spillage.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018


You know what this January could use? A banger. An under-the-radar "wait a second this song is so good" bop. And guess what? I found it for you! Please start playing "Say My Name" in your headphones immediately as you read this.

Recently profiled in EW, Swedish singer Tove Styrke served as an opener on a few dates of Lorde's Melodrama tour, and when you hear her music, it's easy to understand why. Her particular brand of pop is bright and fun and the lyrics are pretty smart.

As per usual I am slightly behind on the uptake here, as this song (no, it's not a Destiny's Child cover) came out last summer. (Oops, I know.) It came up on one of my Spotify Discover playlists recently, and I've had it on heavy rotation ever since. When it first came on, I had one of those Who is this??? moments, and have been doing a not-that-deep dive on her ever since. (Tove was a contestant on the Swedish version of Idol years ago, amazingly, though she came in third!)

Ahh, Swedish pop, it's nice to have you back. Listen below and play it loud—you'll be dancing at your desk guaranteed.

"Say my name
wear it out like a sweater that you love 'cause I can't get enough when ya
Say my name"

Image credit: Emma Svensson / Entertainment Weekly

Thursday, January 4, 2018


{ Sweaty Betty base layer top and leggings, Uniqlo vest, Kendall + Kylie sunglasses (sold out, similar), Tretorn boots (sold out, similar), and Tubbs snowshoes! }

Greetings from Sun Valley! I'm lucky enough to still be here with my family, working a bit and doing all kinds of outdoorsy things like snowshoeing up mountain ridges and skate skiing through alpine forests.

It's been a sort of disappointing ski season out here so far, we haven't gotten more than an inch of snow since I arrived two weeks ago. So, with the main mountain leaving something to be desired, we've been spending our days driving North in search of snow—and finding it!

On one of my favorite day of the trip so far, a big group of friends and I loaded up two cars with layers of activewear and piles of snowshoes and poles and headed for the top of Galena Pass in search of a trail my parents had hiked just days before and highly recommended.

Find it we did, and though short (about 30 minutes of climbing) it was one of the most spectacular hikes I have ever been on! From the top of the ridge, we could see North to the Sawtooth Mountains, and South towards home, Ketchum and the Boulder Mountain range.

Snowshoeing is one of those funny winter activities where you never quite know what to wear. Even when it's cold, you work up a good heart rate and heat up quickly. That's why I find that base layers and coordinating outerwear that can be stuffed in a backpack or tied around your waist is essential.

Thanks to some suggestive blogging (and an email to my mom), my base layer game got a serious upgrade this holiday season. I'm so obsessed with this Sweaty Betty top and leggings set that I couldn't resist forcing my friends to take a rather precarious few photos of me in it at the top of our snowshoeing hike. To keep warm I layered tights underneath (yep) and my favorite new Uniqlo vest and trusty Uniqlo ultra light down jacket over the top, in coordinating burgundy, naturally.

I know this isn't a typical "outfit" post for you guys, but I mostly just wanted to pop in and say hello and Happy New Year and let you know that 'Winter Sports — But Make It Fashion' is my new thing.


Thursday, December 21, 2017


{ This photo is a favorite from my trip last year—we need snow this year, badly! }

Greetings from Idaho! I've been back home relaxing for a couple of days now, and I can already feel myself loosening up, unwinding and getting my ski legs back. I feel so lucky that I get to come out here for a few weeks this time of year and live what is essentially—a completely different life from what I've got going on in New York. I have to say, it feels really good. I spend less time on Twitter, less time scrolling through Instagram and more time looking out the window praying for snow! (We really need more out here!)

While I was traveling out West (Hello, 10 hour journey), I jotted down a few of the things that were top of mind before I skipped town. From podcasts to binge-able shows and a little bit of shopping, here are some hot topics and entertainment ideas to keep you in the know and slightly less on-edge when you're traveling wherever the holidays bring you this year.

Rewatching 'Lovesick' on Netflix:
Sometime in 2016, Netflix's algorithm suggested that I would like a show called Scrotal Recall. I scoffed at the name and moved on. What a miss, Netflix! I thought to myself. Well a few weeks or months later, they re-titled the show Lovesick, and again it appeared in my carousel of recommendations. You guys. I cannot stress enough how absolutely lovely and hilarious and pull-at-your-heartstrings this show is. After seeing it the first time last year, I recently rewatched both seasons over the course of a lazy weekend, and feel compelled to sing it's praises. If you have enjoyed any of the following: CatastropheYoungerYou're The Worst or the early seasons of New Girl, you will love this show. Also, you'll finish it in like two days. The first two seasons are short and sweet and also a little sad—so prepare your holiday heart and dive right in. The best news? Season three will be on Netflix January 1!

Listening to The High Low podcast:
If you aren't yet, prepared to become slightly obsessed with journalist Pandora Sykes. (Follow her on Instagram for some seriously glam pregnancy looks like this.) She hosts a delightfully British podcast with Dolly Alderton that covers everything from politics and current events to recommended reading and stories from their personal lives. Their accents are so aurally pleasing I'd listen to them read the phonebook, but getting relevant information and commentary is nice, too.

Also, Tinder's podcast, DTR
So did you know that Tinder has a podcast? I didn't until about a week ago, and somehow I have already listened to every available episode and am dying for more. To be honest, the host's voice and cadence bother me from time to time, but not enough to overshadow how fun and relatable the content of each episode is. From dick pics to profile overhauls, spying on dates and discussing the pervasive use of 'Hey,' I have found nuggets of truth, humor and insight in every episode. 

This whole HQ Trivia thing: 
Let me just say right now that I have not yet downloaded or played HQ Trivia. Have you? It seems to be all anyone can talk about lately—it's been called (by the WSJ) the millennial's replacement for live TV. The Cut is currently wondering if it's inappropriate to play this game on a date! Myself?  I am fascinated by the concept, but I've yet to know a single friend who plays. Are we too old? Are we super out of touch? I'm not sure but I'm about five minutes away from giving it a whirl one of these nights. Stay tuned on that front.

Shopping for vintage Kilim rugs on Etsy and eBay:
I've sort of dropped little hints about it here and there, but I've been slowly decorating the East Village apartment I moved into in November over the past couple months. I still have a roommate, but I have a small little living room that's just for me, so filling it with furniture has been an exciting challenge. For a long time I really thought myself to have a unique taste level—but it turns out I just want everything my parents have. As such, I've been scouring the internet looking for deals on vintage Perisan and Kilim rugs. My favorite find thus var is this sort of affordable, sort of expensive Turkish Kilim from the 1940s. I'm obsessed, and thinking I might layer it with another fun find on Etsy—these authentic cowhides that work well as rugs. EBay has some great vintage rug finds too, but unfortunately I keep getting outbid, so my luck hasn't been great.

Shopping for many things from Grana:

Have you guys heard of Grana? It popped up as an Instagram ad for me a while ago, and when I went to check out their e-comm site, I loved what I saw! Their high-quality, affordable pieces are a lot like Everlane, but just slightly less basic. Grana is currently in the midst of their 'No Markup Sale,' so I went ahead and treated myself to a cashmere sweater and two silk tops—all for less than $100. Yeahhhh, you're gonna want to get on this before all the sizes sell out! You're welcome :)

Talking to people about that viral short story, 'Cat Person':
At this point I'm a little behind in bringing this up, but last week my social media circles could not stop talking about the short story in the New Yorker, called Cat Person. It's a relatable story about a college-age woman dealing with a "romance" of sorts with an older guy. The language is straightforward and witty, but not especially literary, which makes it all the more real. The message of the story, about sex, pleasure and the roles men and women play in relationships, has struck a nerve. I can't recommend it enough. Read it now and discuss with your high school friends over Hot Toddys during that week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. (Also, read a great response to the story from Man Repeller and an interview with the author in The New York Times.)

Okay that's all I've got for now!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Oh hooray, we've finally come to that stage of the holiday gift guide content flow when I get to wax consumerist about all the things I want this year. What's the point of making a gift guide for myself, you ask? Well I'll tell you! I am not that special. There are many women (and perhaps some men too? I don't know!) who have the same sort of taste. These people like looking good during their winter sports, enjoy bathrobes and already own too many pairs of sunglasses but cannot be satiated.

If this sounds like somebody you know and need to find a gift or two for, you have come to the right place. I've gathered some of my favorite things that are currently circulating in my online shopping carts and those slightly obvious emails I've been sending to my mom. 

This guide may also serve double-duty as holiday shopping inspiration for yourself, and I am not here to judge. Because if I told you that this J. Crew sweater and LL Bean robe weren't already in my digital shopping carts—I'd be lying! Also, nothing makes me feel more #30something than the fact that a tea kettle has made it onto my "most wanted" list.

  • Sweaty Betty base layer top and leggings, $105 each: Every season Sweaty Betty puts out one or two sets of really, really chic base layers for skiing. I missed the boat last year, and have vowed that I must have winter 2017's matching set in a very cool color combo of navy and burgundy. This is perhaps my favorite item on this gift guide, and I hope it's under the tree for little ol' me come Christmas!
  • L.L. Bean terry cloth bath robe, $79: Anyone who knows me knows that #robelife is really important to me. Hotel robes are one of my favorite parts of traveling, and I don't see why I shouldn't have that kind of luxury experience every single day in my New York apartment. This terry cloth robe from LL Bean is classic and affordable, full stop. What more could you honestly want?
  • Threshold bar cart, $120: Okay so I understand that a large bar cart is not exactly a practical gift for everyone, but this gift guide is mostly about me so lets just roll with it. If you live with or nearby the person you're shopping for, and they happen to be going through a decorating phase, this relatively affordable gold bar cart from Target makes for a really special and useful gift, I think!
  • Herbivore Botanicals Coconut set, $42: Baths are like, really trendy right now. And while I personally do not have a tub in my new apartment, many of my peers do. Treat said woman to a deluxe and tropical-scented excuse to spend an entire afternoon luxuriating at home. (Just imagine taking this coconut bath, lathering yourself in oil and then putting on the LL Bean robe!)
  • The Gourmand's Way by Justin Spring, $19: I was absolutely enraptured by My Life In France when I read it a few years ago, and this book sounds like an extension of that vibe, with stories of six chefs living and working Paris, becoming, as they say, gourmands.
  • Sargent's Women by Donna M. Lucey, $18: I've always been sucker for impressionist art, but I never really take the time to read more about the artists and eras that created some of my favorite works. I love John Singer Sargent, and think any avid reader with an interest in the creative would enjoy this book. Let's all read it!
  • Parachute Home waffle bath and hand towels, $29 - $49: Okay so I'm really just rolling with this whole homebody, bath and luxury theme—towels! What an unsexy gift, eh? Well, maybe not. Fresh new towels are luxurious, and gifting a nice new set from a prestige DTC brand like Parachute Home is actually super thoughtful and cool, so whoever you give them to will always think about you when they're naked!
  • Zero Gravity iPhone 7/8 case, $35: First of all, I wish that Zero Gravity made this case for the iPhone 6, but whatever. If you've got a friend, coworker, secret santa that has a fancy new-ish phone, this case is a so money. Yes, it's kind of a Gucci knockoff but honestly, I do not care.
  • Adam Selman x Le Specs Lolita sunglasses, $119: These sunglasses are just so Bella Hadid, no? They're what my mom would call "a lot of look," and maybe even hard to pull off in real life. However, I have dreams of wearing crisp white sunnies throughout my snowy vacation in Sun Valley—and these would really do the trick.
  • Martha Stewart heirloom copper tea kettle, $50: Unlike most of your pots and pans, your tea kettle is probably something that stays out and on display all the time right? So it stands to reason that having a good-looking kettle makes sense. My roommate has also gotten me way back into my tea habit lately, so the cost-per-use of this would be pennies by the time spring rolls around.
  • Madewell's zip-top Transport tote, $188: This is the priciest item on my guide, but hear me out. I've had the classic Transport tote in brown for about three years now—and carry it every single day. I love it. The cost per wear is way, way low. So, the zip-top version ($20 more) would be a perfect upgrade for anyone who travels or needs a new work bag, since being able to close the top completely for under-seat stowing and subway travel is key. (And from first-hand experience, I know it fits a laptop!)
  • Dove Refresh + Care volumizing dry shampoo, $5: Dry shampoo? In a gift guide? Yes! I love this stuff so much and would honestly be delighted to find a couple cans stuffed in my stocking. Just saying.
  • Sur La Table croissant ornament, $11: Not going to lie, I'd leave it on display somewhere all year long. #croissantlife
  • J. Crew fair isle cable knit sweater, $118: I realize that many ladies you might be shopping for are perhaps not destined to spend their holiday break at at ski resort, but I am, so here we are. I always love J. Crew's sweater offerings this time of year, and I need these Norwegian vibes in my liiiiiiiife. (Also everything is 40% off from J. Crew right now so go for it!)
  • UncommonGoods ice ball makers, $20: If you know me, or have seen my profile on Bumble (what up, dudes!) you'll know I love to consume and make Old Fashioneds. It seems only right that I have fancy gigantic ice balls to serve them with, right?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I've mentioned before on the blog that most of the jewelry I wear everyday are heirloom pieces, passed down to me from my mom and aunts. I'm spoiled that way, since most of the pieces are real gold and precious stones. I get a lot of comments especially on my rings and necklaces—dainty and mismatched pieces that all look really cool together. 

It's been interesting to talk to my friends and colleagues about this, because often times they'll lament that their family elders didn't have these kinds of pieces, so building up a collection of timeless, high-quality jewelry is up to them. (Or a boyfriend or husband, if that's your status, ha!)

Listen, I'll be the first person to admit that throwing down major cash for a piece of jewelry is not always in my budget. However, occasions do arise. Some of my most successful gal pals have adopted the tradition of splurging on an investment piece when they hit personal goals and milestones—whether it be a promotion and work or hitting 100,000 followers on Instagram. (Yes, some of my friends are major #influencers.)

Here's where Diamonds in Glass comes into the picture. What? Diamonds? For me and you? Yes. Their pieces all put the spotlight on singular diamonds set in a glass globe, which I had never seen before. The glass really amplifies the glam-factor of the floating gem, and has to be one of the most unique ways to set a precious stone that I've ever seen.

As someone who admittedly gets a little bit of a high from wearing conversation-starting jewelry, this design really revs my engines. So when DoG reached out to me about trying one of their pendants for myself, I kind of did that hearts-for-eyes emoji thing. I noticed immediately that the blue glass version of the Kate pendant resembled that ancient icon of protection, the evil eye. (If you're not hip to the symbolism there, read up!) Since I've long-since lost the funky evil eye jewelry I collected on my study abroad trip to Greece, so a seriously upgraded version felt like a meaningful addition to my jewelry collection. (And as you know, I'm all about personal jewelry!)

Diamonds in Glass 'Kate' pendant ($449) styled with another pendant of mine }

When I'm in a more classic mood, I'll wear the pendant solo over my favorite graphic t-shirts and crewneck cashmere sweaters. But when I'm feeling spicy (and willing to put in the effort in the a.m.), I'll take the pendant itself and string it with some of my other favorite charms, like my sorority key and some tiny vintage gold tags from my mom. 

Investing in jewelry is something that, as a single woman, I've come view as incredibly empowering. Anniversaries can mean something other than marriage, and special occasions can be created whenever you deem it appropriate. While I'm sure I'll love to receive meaningful gifts from my significant other someday, in the meantime, I'm quite content—and I think you should be, too—in treating myself to special pieces that remind me of my strength, my independence, and all the good things that are yet to come.

Disclosure: Diamonds in Glass gifted me the 'Kate' pendant to wear and try for myself. While the product was a gift, all opinions and sentiments are my own.