Monday, July 18, 2016


Tassel Time

Not since the choker necklace made it's triumphant and minimalistic comeback a few years ago have I been as into a trend as I am into tasseled jewelry right now. I want them dangling from everywhere and adorning everything—and not just jewelry, actually. Tassels on sandals and summer dresses also feels particularly fresh and fun to me right now, and a nice, playful bit of relief from the minimalistic stuff I'm usually drawn to wearing.

While I think there are some tasseled pieces that can feel timeless (they've been adorning leather loafers since forever, basically) this is a great excuse to pick out a few pieces of costume jewelry or high street dresses you can wear to death now, and not feel bad about retiring before next summer. I'm particularly smitten with BaubleBar's array of tasseled jewelry, especially the earrings (like these). For a version that feels a bit more upscale, these chain tassels from J.Crew are sophisticated with just the right amount of sparkle.

For a little inspiration that proves just how classy and cool a flash of tassels can be, I grabbed this retro image of Lee Radziwill I found on Pinterest. With her fresh face and loose updo she looks so polished. (I know that's a lot of adjectives, but they all seem to work, no?)

With wedding / weekend getaway / vacation / humidity season in full swing (hey, sometimes you just have to put your hair in a ponytail and throw on some big earrings, no?) my shopping list is all about tasseled tunics, swinging beaded earrings and fun, playful clutches with—you guessed it—a little tassel detail.

Wanna shop? Yeah, me too. Let's do it together, below!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Apologies for the radio silence guys... I started a really exciting new project doing some full-time freelance work for InStyle magazine's digital fashion team. It's been amazing so far, but I've totally let my other responsibilities slack—including le blog.

But I'm back! I spent a long weekend in California celebrating my favorite bride-to-be, but now it's back to the city and back to the grind. I've been missing all that desert heat, and missing spending the whole day in fun, funky, and ultra-comfortable slide sandals. I brought a bunch of other sandals with me (I'm an over-packer, I can't help it!) but ended up only wearing two pairs: these embroidered Soludos slides (currently on sale!), and a fringe-y pair from Old Navy.

I've always loved Soludos and their affordable, practical espadrilles, and now I'm totally addicted to these slides. However, I feel a little weird wearing them in the city. Is that strange? To me their ultra-flat sole and exposure puts me rather close to the sidewalk and all its "stuff"... Ugh, I'm not going to dwell on it for now.

The point is, I've got a fever, and the only cure is more slides. I've been trolling around the interwebs looking to get my sandal fix, and found quite a few more pairs—and a ton of them are on sale. That's the beauty of this fleeting pre-4th of July time, everything is on sale and there's still 2.5 solid months of summer to wear it. (Shop a ton more sale sandals on Shopbop, right this way.) 


Thursday, June 9, 2016


At the ripe age of 30, I'm delighted to inform you that I am about to take off for my first-ever bachelorette party. The truth is that as a freelancer I don't always have the luxury of being able to embrace every vacation opportunity that comes my way—but this is one I couldn't miss. My dear friend Rachel is getting married here in New York in September, so a group of us girls are off to celebrate her last months of singledom in Palm Springs, California.

Though I've been out to California quite a bit since moving out East, I haven't been to Palm Springs since I was a teenager, on a road trip through the Southwest with my parents over spring break. Needless to say I'm really looking forward to experiencing this desert oasis through fresh, adult eyes, especially given what a destination it's become in the last few years thanks to all that mid-century modern eye candy on Instagram.

I know it seems a little counter-intuitive for such a sunny, hot place (temps are going to be hovering right around 100 degrees all weekend!), but almost everything I've packed is either black, white or navy. I'm particularly excited to bust out my Bridge & Burn pineapple shorts as well as this slinkly little slip dress I found at Mango (on sale for $19) a few months ago. If you're as obsessed with them too, shop more slip dresses right this way.

Since it is Palm Springs—I want to make sure I have accessories that are ready to party, so I packed my favorite mini Rachael Ruddick bucket bag and ordered BaubleBar's rather fabulous all-white tassel earrings. (Need more tassel earrings in your life? Me too.) I also invested in a new on-piece swimsuit, the 'Ann Marie' from Solid & Striped (in black, naturally). 

By the way, if you have any suggestions for can't-miss spots in Palm Springs, leave 'em in the comments or hit me up on Twitter!

To keep up with all my bachelorette weekend adventures, be sure to follow along on Instagram.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


I worked on the sales floor of Nordstrom throughout college, spending my summers and winter vacations fitting guys in 'The Rail' section with boot-cut True Religion jeans and Seven Diamonds dress shirts. It was a great college job, but always got even better during sale season. Nordstrom customers (especially in Seattle) are incredibly loyal, and they look forward to the Half Yearly sale with a fervor that is only matched when Nordstrom's other epic sale, Anniversary, comes around. Every shift was both hectic and exhilarating—we were scrambling to make our commissions and keep the floor looking somewhat presentable at the same time as customers came through the revolving doors unceasingly for hours on end.

Flash forward to 2016, when I get to be on the other side of the chaos, and a whole step removed—shopping from the peaceful place that is my computer. Even a seasoned Nordstrom employee knows it's futile to resist the charms—and 40% markdowns—of the Half Yearly sale.

So here we are, Memorial Day weekend is just days away and the sale is in full swing. Rather than wander aimlessly through the pages and pages of discounted clothes and accessories—I did the hard work for you, and I did it with a theme. I rounded up 15 white finds from Nordstrom, all of which are perfect for your #MDW wardrobe.

What, a new fluffy white robe wasn't part of your packing list? What if it rains? Perhaps you're in the market for a fresh new crossbody bag. I am completely and utterly obsessed with both the Rebecca Minkoff 'Suki' bag (reduced to $135!) and the Loeffler Randall 'Baby Rider' bag (reduced to $177!) and am currently just trying to decide if I need one or both of them.

I also included Vince Camuto's 'Court' heeled sandals, because while they come in a variety of colors, the white version makes the perfect summer wedding shoe, IMO. Speaking of summer shoes, Vince's 'Edina' espadrille sandals have backyard barbecue written all over them, and Loeffler Randall's flat 'Petra' sandals are what beach dreams are made of.

Anyway, I'll stop talking and let you shop. Just click the little arrow on the widget down there to see all 15 of my Memorial Day weekend-worthy Nordstrom Half Yearly sale picks.


Photo by Bekka Palmer

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


{ This post is basically all things you should do in addition to a stop at Grand Banks, above. }

I am almost unfailingly without plans each year on Memorial Day weekend. I feel like it usually sneaks up out of nowhere—suddenly it's the end of May and summer is "starting" and everyone is going to The Hamptons and I'm... Chillin' in my apartment? Telling myself it's great because there won't be any waits for brunch? Kay.

Surprise to literally no one, this weekend is Memorial Day and I am going to be here in New York City. I have enough fun plans and travels sprinkled throughout the rest of the summer that I'm not too upset to be here this weekend (I promise, I'm fine). Additionally, a bunch of my friends will be here too—which is really all that matters, right?

On that note, what should we do with a three-day-weekend and an ambitious desire to make the most of it? Well, as I've written about before, it really is kind of great to be in the city during holiday and typical travel weekends. (Labor Day weekend guide, Thanksgiving weekend, parents-in-town guide.) Aside from brunch and other standard weekend fare, I am determined to infuse this long weekend with some special and memorable plans that will make it feel like more than just "that one time in May I didn't have to work on a Monday."

Ahead, I've laid out my five best Memorial Day weekend in NYC ideas. I also took the liberty of breaking them down into three levels of luxury, which may or may not align with how much said activity or adventure actually costs. That means that while it says I have five ideas, I really have 15! How generous am I!?


Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Right before this photo was taken, I asked Amanda (who took the photos in this post) if we should take a few shots without the DIY choker I had been wearing. I untied it then tossed it in my bag and she goes, "Whoa, you look so much more naked now for some reason!"

To me, that right there is what makes the off-the-shoulder trend so funny (but also pretty great). It looks normal in photos, but when you actually put on a shirt that shows this sort of surprising swath of skin, you become hyper-aware of just how much skin it is. The first time I put this MLM Label top on I instantly felt feminine and spring-y, but also—rather exposed.

However, any top that doesn't require killer cleavage or showing your midriff but does make you feel a little sexy? That's something I could get used to. Ahead, let's talk about the benefits of blouse-y, billowing oversized shirts that put your clavicle in high relief.


Monday, May 16, 2016


If you asked my roommates and friends, they might tell you that my personal style is tomboyish, bordering on just boyish. I've discussed that a lot on the blog, too. But as with all things, a little progress, a little change—is natural.

*I would apologize for using a Sex and the City image for reference in 2016 but sometimes I am just that basic and I'm totally okay with it. Plus, how hot and actually completely on-trend for now is that dress?

Having more occasions to get dressed up (like weddings, engagement parties and fancy-ish New York social scenarios) has gently pushed me into seeking out more dresses in general. Couple that with my ever-present desire for getting dressed to be "easy," and here we are. In my mind's eye this summer is just an endless parade of beach days, trips to the farmer's market, sunset walks along the Hudson and late, sticky nights dancing on the Lower East Side—all of which happen in some amazing, pretty, perfect-for-the-occasion dress.

I've noticed that the last couple of years especially have brought out in me a (slightly) more romantic approach to dressing, and with a few summer weddings in the pipeline now, I'm craving an updated dress wardrobe more than ever.

Remember when I went through a phase where I was completely kimono obsessed? (Exhibit A, Exhibit B) Well tbh that never really ended, but now it's carried over into a craving for floaty, super-comfortable dresses like this blush mini from Yumi Kim (with a black bra and lace up sandals? C'mon.) and ASTR's floral wrap with kimono-style sleeves. (More kimono dresses, right this way.)

Speaking of which—wrap dresses are also my new obsession.What's not to love about an adjustable waist and a varyingly plunging neckline? Right now I have my eye on wraps in ultra-feminine florals like this silk maxi from Yumi Kim (perfect for wedding season) and this slightly sexier take (with kimono sleeves!) by Privacy Please. (Shop more wrap dresses.)

Per usual I'm also crushing on a few pieces from Banana Republic, and am patiently waiting for them to go on sale—especially this gorgeous pintuck maxi I want to wear with my Converse and this floral wrap that would be ideal for summer days at the office.

I'm excited to embrace this girlier side of my style as the summer starts to heat up—especially considering I've got trips lined up this summer everywhere from Palm Springs to East Hampton to Idaho. I rounded up all my dress crushes below, and am just hoping that Jesus will take the wheel and I won't end up buying them all in a Memorial Day-induced shopping blackout this weekend.