Thursday, March 26, 2015


Last summer, I had a near-consistent argument with a couple of my girlfriends over the style merits of the Adidas 'Adilette' pool slide trend. I was all for it—as I love any trend that eschews heels and embraces comfort (hello, slip-on kicks). My friends maintained that the flat, wide sandals (and their fashion-forward cousins from Zara, Loeffler Randall, Alexander Wang and more) are decidedly not feminine and definitely not sexy.

They're totally right—but with another summer season approaching, the trend shows no sign of slowing. Hate all you want, but along with Birkenstocks, the pool slide is here to stay (a little longer, at least). Last year, I listened to my girlfriends because they're smart and beautiful and have great taste. I resisted the call of that molded footbed and simple slide silhouette...

But no longer! I can't pretend I do not wish to spend the warmer months this year traipsing around New York (and beyond) in a pair of $30 plastic sandals. I do. I really, really do. I'm dipping a toe in the trend, so to speak, with the Adilette. But, there are quite a few brands remixing this classic sporty design in ways that are a little less "I just came from soccer practice and am about to hit the communal locker room" and a little more "I just wear these on the roof at Soho House."

DV by Dolce Vita and Kate Spade have paired-down the look with slim soles and a sleeker mule strap for those who are afraid to go full-middle school, while Marc Jacobs and Vince have maintained the Adidas-inspired bulk but added their own colorful prints and luxe crocodile embossing, respectively.

Listen: I am not denying that this is kind of a silly trend, and one that will likely cause me to look back at the inevitable view-from-above Instagrams with pangs of regret in like 2 years. However, I love how they look now paired with everything from swingy mini-dresses to slouchy trousers or cutoff denim shorts. I certainly won't look as lovely or feminine as my girlfriends who will no doubt be sporting a strappy sandal or a bit of a heel when the temps finally rise—but hot damn I'll be comfortable. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


{ I worship high praises
My longing drives me crazy for you }

There's really nothing not to like about Years & Years. Their body of music isn't huge yet, but their EPs are so infectious, you'll find yourself listening over and over. A few of their songs have made it onto past SUILTSOY playlists, but I might be most excited about their latest single, "Worship." According to Pigeons & Planes this is off their forthcoming debut album—hooray! If this song is any indication of the vibe that's to come, we are going to have a sparkling, groovy and funky spring.

Check out "Worship" below, and I honestly dare you not to start dancing at your desk...

PS: If you're not familiar with Years & Years, check out "Desire" and "Take Shelter" immediately. Like, right now. You're welcome.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Goods for good has been a cause close to my heart since I helped organize our very first Party For Good not long after I moved to New York. Since then our group of young volunteers has flourished and grown and we've gone on to raise many (many!) thousands of dollars to help establish sustainable small businesses and aid orphan care in Malawi.

This Wednesday evening (March 25th), I'll be helping my friend (and fellow goods for good Young Professionals Committee member) Abbey Turtinen host a fun spring shopping event with a charitable twist at Joe Fresh on lower Fifth Avenue. 

Come by anytime between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. to have a drink and a snack and "shop for good." Twenty percent of every purchase made that evening will directly benefit goods for good!

Joe Fresh has recently risen the ranks of my list of go-to shops downtown because I love the accessible price point and unfussy design aesthetic. I already have a few favorite pieces earmarked that I'm pretty sure I need for my spring wardrobe. Top among them is an updated, slightly oversized surplus jacket like this or this to wear over boyfriend jeans and sundresses alike. Additionally, this perfect (and perfectly priced) straw panama hat is something I can't quite resist. (See my post on straw hats from last spring.) I'm also kind of obsessed with silky, slouchy pants right now (if you couldn't tell already) so those are an #addtocart piece, too. I hope you'll join me in indulging some fresh spring purchases for a worthy cause—or at the very least have a few cocktails and do a fashion show in the dressing room with me.

BONUS: Want to win a $100 Joe Fresh gift card? RSVP to the event with my girl Helen Jones [] and you will be entered. Good luck!

*The goods for good YPC is always looking for new members in NYC who are interested in spending time with like-minded young people and helping raise awareness and funds for goods for good. Shoot me an email or check out the goods for good website for more info!

I hope to shop with some of you New York readers on Wednesday!

Friday, March 20, 2015


The weather might still be asking us to believe otherwise, but TODAY marks the official start of spring. One can rely on many tropes to discuss what spring means—new beginnings and all that—but we all know that it is really just a torturous slog of rainy or lukewarm days that serve only as a countdown to summer. That's how I feel anyway.

And that's not so great, is it? I hate the idea that certain times of the year, or the week are only thought of something that must be endured before the reward. Refusing to enjoy spring just because it isn't summer yet is a fantastic way to let your life pass you by. And yet—I totally fall into the trap. Every work day is one step closer to Saturday; each month is just inching you slowly towards August.

Anyway—I'm ready to say goodbye to all that, and the best way I know how to start is with music. Taking a fresh look at dating or changing up your look for the season? Just trying to find a little joy on a Tuesday? Start with a great soundtrack.

I'm optimistically calling this playlist SPRING FEVER in hopes that the songs remind me to be present, and enjoy the fact that—technically at least—it is no longer winter. Soon enough there will be young, bright green leaves on the trees, flowers springing from the earth, and down coats banished to under-the-bed storage. That's reason enough to feel a little feverish, is it not?

Most of the songs on this mix are quite new (including a few recycled MWMM picks), but you know I can never resist including a throwback or two. Press play... And get out there.

*Now's as good a time as any to remind you that you should probably check out my awesome tumblr, because it's... Awesome. 

Friday, March 13, 2015


Was this week a dream come true or what? The slush and snow has melted and dried out, revealing heaps of digusting trash—but still! Sun! Warmth! We'll take it, yes? Aside from this taste of spring, we also got New York's annual 'Best of New York' issue, a delightful breakfast recipe I cannot wait to try and a think piece about Cinderella's influence on postwar America. There's plenty of good fodder  below for your date this weekend—have at it.
Here's a fun (read: actually pretty difficult) game from the New York Times online: Can you LOCATE THESE NEW YORK CITY LANDMARKS on a map? 
New York magazine's BEST OF NEW YORK 2015 is out. Time to eat, drink and be merry all over town. 
Unsure what to make for breakfast at home this weekend? Might I suggest the absolutely mouth-watering idea of BAGEL FRENCH TOAST? I'm drooling as we speak. 
Forget the Apple Watch. Presenting, THE GOLD MACBOOK. Do you want it? Do you need it? Are you thinking about how well it will match your gold iPhone 6? And if so, does that make you a tool? 
John Oliver asks, re: Daylight Savings, HOW IS THIS STILL A THING
CINDERELLA AND POSTWAR DIOR? When the animated Disney film came out in 1950, the two had more in common than you might think. 
If you get to a house party this weekend and someone forgot to bring the fun, just whip out your phone and download CARDS AGAINST ORIGINALITY—an unofficial app version of everyone's favorite inappropriate card game. 
Whether you're in the mood to redecorate your apartment or not, this piece from Racked on THE 38 BEST HOME & FURNITURE SHOPS IN NYC is too impressive to be missed. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


You can go ahead and put me into the box of "really late to the game" when it comes to electro-pop project Purity Ring. With big beats, synthy sounds and twinkling piano elements, Purity ring sounds to me like a mash-up of MisterWives and MS MR.

That makes my belated enjoyment of their sound even more unreasonable, doesn't it? But nevermind. Purity Ring released their latest album, another eternity, last week, and it's definitely worth a listen. True, a lot of it sounds the same, but the flow of the album is really dreamy which I do not hate—it floats along with a rhythm that makes it hard to tell when one song ends and another begins. There are actually a lot of highlight-worthy songs, including "bodyache" and "repetition," but if you haven't listened to the whole thing yet, let me start you off with one of the last tracks, "sea castle."

The song kind of glides along, then really takes off after about a minute and a half. Enjoy, and check out the rest of the album, too. (Your Wednesday will feel way dreamier, I promise.)

Friday, March 6, 2015


I'm sorry to report I'm coming up slightly short for this week's round up of awesome links. There were no llamas on the loose, and only one wild octopus. There's a dash of decor, a great piece on dating and some dreamy shots of ski jumping—plus weed intel and where-to-drink advice. Enjoy, and have a great weekend! Happy Friday!
Not to brag but SUN VALLEY WAS NAMED ONE OF AMERICA'S TOP 10 SKI TOWNS by Forbes. Huzzah! 
This darling Domino feature on AMY STONE'S 450-FOOT WEST VILLAGE APARTMENT is giving me major design inspiration. 
Thanks to New York magazine, we have a new explination for why dating in your 20s is so hard. HIS BOYFRIEND MUSCLE IS BROKEN. Let this guy explain it and see what you think. 
After watching the ski jump in Lake Placid, I find THIS 'SKIHOPP' VIDEO FROM NOWNESS even cooler. It's meditative and astounding at the same time. 
The Seattle Aquarium would like you to know that even though it looks like THIS HUGE OCTOPUS JUST WANTS TO BE FREE, he's really just "exploring" his enviornment. Right...
The next time your parents try to tell you not to smoke because pot is stronger now than it was in the 1960s, tell them to read THIS ARTICLE FROM THE ATLANTIC ABOUT MARIJUANA POTENCY.
Also, it's still freezing out, so say thank you to TimeOut for rounding up THE COZIEST BARS IN NYC for us. Ugh, #March.