Monday, June 29, 2015


Let me start by saying I love thematic dressing—to a point. To me, Halloween is a moment to go all-in, whereas apple picking upstate is not. When it comes to the 4th of July, I fall somewhere in the middle. Wearing as much white and blue comes naturally to me, so adding in a pop or two of red (especially on my nails) feels like just the right touch.

For the second year in a row, I'm heading out to Newport Beach, CA for the holiday, and I'll be spending America's birthday beach-cruising the peninsula with a whole girl gang imported from NYC.

The day will kick off with a morning bagels-and-beer-pong party followed by a stop at Billy's At The Beach for their world famous Mai Tai's, then some more bicycling on the beach and of course fireworks—and now that I'm thinking about it, I'm actually feeling like I want to look quite festive.

Aside from the on-the-nose 'America!' Cruiseys (how fun are these, by the way? My friend started this company and they're blowing up!), all I need to get in the spirit are my trusty Levi's jorts, a crisp leather backpack that's perfect for cycling (and will look as great on the 4th as it will all year long), classic Converse kicks and perhaps some Instagram-friendly statement sunglasses (I love these cat eyes from BCBG).

The 4th Of July is one of the most delightful and energetic days of the year, and basically a 24-hour celebration of all things summer. It's an excuse to embrace some serious Americana vibes, so have fun with it—and forget all the subtlety I mentioned above if you really feel like it.

Why not tie a jaunty bandana around your neck (this look is trending hard right now, trust me) or go Southwest Americana with a pretty embroidered dress from Madewell? Or, just wear a simple all-white outfit and top it off with a patriotic snapback. I rounded up my essentials for the day in a handy scrolling grid below, so go ahead and get your 'Merica on.


Friday, June 26, 2015


I can't quite believe it, but June is almost over. The official summer season has just begun, but in my mind, this is when the days start slipping by like sand through your fingers at the beach, and before you know it it's September again. Anyway, this week's roundup is full of some great fodder for rooftop cocktail conversations, dating debates over brunch on a patio and lazy chatter on a roadtrip. Get out there this weekend—and show up armed with some fun talking points. You're welcome, because here they are:
MEET THE NOUVEAU BRO. He's everyone and he's everywhere—but he's also kind of great. I mean, I love guys that love rosé. 
Alert: STUMPTOWN NITRO COLD BREW (that would be cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen so it has a texture like beer) is trending. Gotta find it. Gotta drink it. 
This week The Cut featured a ton of advice content, but I found this post, 25 WOMEN ON THE BEST ADVICE THEY'VE GIVEN (AND RECEIVED), to be the best of the bunch. 
Add this to the long list of reasons I effing love my hometown. In honor of the upcoming LGBTQ Pride celebrations, SEATTLE HAS PAINTED RAINBOW CROSSWALKS ON CAPITOL HILL.  
This week, THE INVENTOR OF THE PINK PLASTIC FLAMINGO PASSED AWAY. Did you even know there was a story behind its creation? And that the creator, Don Featherstone, and his wife wore matching—often flamingo-themed—outfits everyday starting in the late 1970s? Read this lovely obituary from The New York Times for more. 
This is an older humor piece from The New Yorker, but if you haven't read A DAY IN THE LIFE OF PINTEREST, you probably should—right now.
I bet you're sitting at your desk right now thinking, "I really could use another reason to like Meryl Streep." Well, the actress SENT A LETTER TO EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS APPEALING FOR EQUAL RIGHTS. All hail Queen Meryl.
Vice asks, DOES BEING AN ONLY CHILD MESS YOU UP? And in talking with a researcher and a therapist it seems like the answer is a firm, "Kind of, maybe. But it depends."
This week in "weird news from around the globe," WOMEN IN JAPAN ARE FAWNING OVER A HANDSOME GORILLA. His name is Shabani, and I guess as far as Gorillas go, he's pretty good-looking...
There are some ladies out there that need to get real with themselves. THIS 23-YEAR-OLD WHO SAW PICS OF HER BOYFRIEND'S WEDDING AND STILL ISN'T SURE HE CHEATED is one of them.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


I've been lucky enough to spend a fair few summer weekends out in The Hamptons in my five years in New York. Finally a few weeks ago, a few girlfriends and I spent a whole long weekend in Montauk, which I've now declared as my favorite of all the villages along the Atlantic coast of Long Island. Montauk sits out on its own at the point of the island, and has a long history as a laid-back fishing and surfing town. Despite being entirely discovered by the whole of New York City, it retains the charm and chill you'd hope for, while still being chock-full of buzzy bars and restaurants.

So whether you can get into a friend's share house or find a hotel with an open room at some point this summer (or camp on the beach!) I've put together a short list of my favorite, can't-miss spots in Montauk.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I offer up this new single from Selena Gomez for your summer slow jam consideration. I'm not proclaiming this to be the finest piece of music A$AP Rocky has ever attached his name to, but the seductive "Good For You" is a serious slow burner that will have you ready to kick that summer fling into high gear, like, tonight

This track is a departure from the usual straight-forward pop we're used to from Selena Gomez; she sounds a lot like vibey, electro-meets-R&B girl favorites of mine—like Tove Lo, ASTR and MADE IN HEIGHTS. I do not hate this song, and I'm curious if you feel the same. The beat builds while keeping the general feeling incredibly mellow—you can get a nice casual shoulder dance going to this one.

Then again, I also didn't hate "The Heart Wants What It Wants" and I know that this fact is kind of embarrassing. Anyway, take a listen to "Good For You" below and let me know your thoughts.

Image credit: Teen Vogue

Monday, June 22, 2015


If there's one thing I've learned in my years of obsessing over the Olsen twins and their sense of style, it's that whatever they wear, everyone will want to be wearing it about two to four years later. We are that behind. Hence why suddenly, today, these photos of Ashley Olsen rocking dainty $4000 anklets by Ileana Makri in 2011 are suddenly top-of-mind for me. I am so into the look of having a dainty gold chain adorning my ankles above my decidedly un-dainty Birkenstocks.

I know anklets tend to be a divisive accessory—they're a throwback to our middle school days, and just another nod to the 1990s trends that have been taking turns having a comeback in the 2010s. However, I love that this renaissance incorporates the current dominance of dainty jewelry, giving this trend subtle, modern wearability.

Unlike an Olsen—and much to my chagrin—I cannot spend $4000 on an anklet. Luckily, I found eight pretty options for $55 or less. Personally, I'm partial to the arrow-adorned anklet from Madewell, as well as the Gorjana 'Lucia' anklet that's minimal with a tiny charm. In fact, they'd probably look pretty lovely layered together. 

What do you think, should we bring back the anklet?


Sunday, June 21, 2015


First thing's first—I know that turning 30 isn't the end of my life. In fact, I've got it on good authority that this next decade is going to be pretty awesome. I've already started to feel a shift in myself since turning 29, and it's one that I'm looking forward to embracing even more deeply come October 28th, 2015.

My 20s (and ours collectively, to be sure) have been fraught with so much growth, and change and confusion and youthful angst and ecstasy. I'll keep the ecstasy, of course, but I'm also really excited to settle into (and enjoy!) the person the last 10 years has molded me into. Change is good, and growth is necessary, but some consistency and calm on in the inside? That sounds pretty nice.

And yet. Here I am fretting almost fanatically that this—just three short months—is the last summer of my 20s. And it starts TODAY. Why does that feel so heavy? Perhaps because summer is supposed to be the lightest, most-carefree season of all, and despite all this grandstanding about how awesome my 30s are going to be—I'm already mourning the end of my 20s as if the rest of my life will feel like the day after Christmas.

Now, as a rule I sort of loathe those "things to do before you're 30" lists because I think they put far too much pressure on the idea that you have to shelve a certain part of yourself once you bid adieu to that leading "2," or that somehow you're not living right if you haven't done x, y or z yet. Skinny dipping? Marathons? Exotic travel? Why on God's green earth must these things be accomplished before one turns 30? Frankly, I hope I'm skinny dipping until I'm in the ground.*

Instead of making a pre-30 checklist that I will inevitably forget about, I've decided to make this last summer of my 20s more about an attitude, a mindset and a mantra: LIVE. IT. UP. They say it takes about 21 days to form a habit, so if I can keep this up for about 90 days... I should be mentally golden when the big 3-0 actually happens. I don't want this summer (and ostensibly, my still considerably young life) to pass me by without doing my damnedest to feel fully present in my relationships, my professional life, my self-care and my experience of this great big world.

(Because like, these are things we can ALL do)

Friday, June 19, 2015


This was kind of a loooong week, was it not? I think I woke up on both Monday and Tuesday believing it was Wednesday, so that didn't really help things much. However, my days were cheered and made more rich with a lot of interesting essays, news pieces (The bees! The bees!) and blessedly, a goat video. Behold my favorite things of the week, and have a lovely end to it!
My friend Meghan just rocked her way to the big 3-0, and she's reflecting on her blog with a personal, insightful look at 30 THINGS SHE LEARNED BY 30
NOWNESS has a video series I never knew existed, called GREAT GARDENS. It is just lovely. Go disappear into it for a while. 
If you're wondering why so many girls in New York complain about being broke, it might be because THEY'RE SPENDING ALL THEIR MONEY ON BOUTIQUE FITNESS CLASSES. $850 a month, anyone? 
At this point you should know that one of the most important things in my world is videos of little goats doing literally anything. Today, I bring you this FROLICKING GOAT DRESSED LIKE A SUNFLOWER. Eventually, he falls asleep in a flower pot. #dead 
Watch this darling clip of MINDY KALING DROPPING BRIDESMAID TRUTH BOMBS on Late Night With Seth Meyers because it's adorable. 
You need to read this piece from New York magazine about how HONEYBEES IN AMERICA ARE WORRYING THEMSELVES TO DEATH. It would sound kind of funny, if it weren't so upsetting—and potentially devastating to agriculture and the economy.
If your Instagram feed is feeling a little too blogger-y, might I suggest a heavy-hitting dose of extreme nature, thanks to @FUDOJAHIC? He spends most of his time in Sun Valley so I'm biased, but still. 
Is your weekend in desperate need of a soundtrack? Try RYN WEAVER'S DEBUT ALBUM, THE FOOL. You're welcome. 
When it comes to fancy dresses and cool girl dress-up looks, I don't think it gets much better than Tibi. I urge you to read this lovely interview on Man Repeller (part of her "It's Kind Of A Funny Story..." series), about the founders (and husband and wife team) of Tibi, AMY AND FRANK SMILOVIC. In fact, I liked this so much I'll leave you with a quote from Frank, below:
"It all starts with something that Amy’s dad told me when — actually, I think it was at our rehearsal dinner. He said, “Frank, just remember, it’s a roller coaster.” When you think about it, it’s a great analogy because I don't like roller coasters — I get sick — but that’s what life is, and you need someone to be next to you when you're throwing up. But also, someone who will celebrate with you when there is reason to celebrate."