Wednesday, July 29, 2015


No, I'm not rediscovering "Latch" and trying to pawn it off on you again—I know I couldn't fool you guys like that. No, no. This is a brand new song from the dynamic pairing of Disclosure and Sam Smith, called "Omen." I have to say, I feel like this could be a late contender for #SongOfTheSummer. "Omen" has catchy-but-sometimes-hard-to-understand lyrics, electric vibes, pretty great drops and of course, the sweet, sweet vocal charms of Sam Smith. Listen below, before I say anything more:

Come on. How hot is this jam? It's not surprising that after the massive success of "Latch" that these two artists would collaborate again to try and recreate some of that magic. Do you think they did? Tell me your thoughts and feelings!

*If you're in need of a #hawtjamz bonus round, I offer up Major Lazer ft. MØ covering Frank Ocean's "Lost." Man, I am good to you guys.

Monday, July 27, 2015


{ The question has become: Is there a way not to wear a bandana? }

As we speak I'm on my way back from a weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana, doing one of the most American things I've ever done in my life: attend a Nascar race. Better yet, more than one Nascar race. I'll have more on that later, but all that Americana got me thinking about a wildly pervasive micro-trend that's overtaken the streets of New York this summer—the return of the bandana.

You know it's real when Saint Laurent is selling a bandana scarf for $265. Meanwhile though, you can hop over to your nearest street vendor, gas station or the kind of store that sells sunscreen, souvenirs and greeting cards—they usually have them. And truly, it should cost $6 at the most, and about one or two dollars if you're doing it right.

Personally, I remember trying to be like my mom when I was younger and tying her perfectly soft, washed-a-million-times bandanas around my neck when we'd go hiking in Idaho. While it might be fleeting and at times a little costumey, it's fun to see a piece with so much nostalgic context get reinterpreted in a super-stylish setting.

So have we reached peak bandana? Probably. However, I think it's a pretty fun and versatile trend, and I'm ready to give it a whirl through the second half of summer, and probably into the fall, too. I'm most interested in tying it jauntily around my neck, but wearing one as a wrist wrap appeals to me as well. 
One more thing to consider: This could be the least expensive trend bandwagon to join all year. Might as well give it a tie. I mean try. (See what I did there?)


Friday, July 24, 2015


{ You should probably watch 'Catastrophe' on Amazon all weekend }

Major apologies for not posting a roundup last week! However, to make up for it I have some amazing links from last week and this week all cued up for you below. In fact, I won't even bother going on and on about them—just go ahead and enjoy. Happy weekend!
Do yourself a favor and STREAM TAME IMPALA'S NEW ALBUM, CURRENTS. Major summer vibes, right this way... 
If you're looking for another reason to see Trainwreck, or perhaps another reason to like Judd Apatow, watch THIS VIDEO OF HIM TALKING ABOUT HIS OWN TRAINWRECKS IN LIFE, created by Vanity Fair. 
By now you know that I love to post things about dating in my roundups, but I found THIS VIDEO ABOUT A MAN TRYING TO MEET A WOMAN OFFLINE is sweet and a nice reminder that life is happening all around our screens—not on them. 
I post these pretty much every time a new one comes out, but JAMES CORDEN DOING CARPOOL KARAOKE WITH ROD STEWART AND A$AP ROCKY is really special. 
Have you just been sitting around this week like, "Man, Twitter is boring these days. No one is weird or irreverent and hilarious anymore." Me too! So, allow me to introduce you to @FIRSTDAYQS. You're welcome.
This week in "Things You Never Knew You Needed," please watch this video of MISS PIGGY RAPPING RIHANNA'S BBHMM. Yes. All the yes.
Are you watching Catastrophe on Amazon yet? It is the most amazing show, and you can see the entire first season (sadly just 6 episodes) right now. Additionally, read this INTERVIEW WITH ROB DELANEY ABOUT WOMEN, MARRIAGE AND BEING A FEMINIST. I dare you not to love him.
And finally, not to toot my own horn too loud, but I just wrote my first freelance piece for Teen Vogue online, and it's all about HOW TO ROCK WHITE JEANS LIKE A BOSS. So, peep it if you like.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


If Ben Howard and Beirut had a beautiful, musical, red-headed Icelandic love child, it would be Júníus Meyvant. I found him via Noon Pacific's latest playlist, and am so much better for it! His debut EP just came out last week, and the whole (4-song-long) thing is worth a listen—so I put it all below, rather than singling out one song. It's the kind of folky, indie music that's great to take in all at once, soothing and pretty and upbeat enough to fit right into your summer barbecue playlist. Take a listen to Júníus Meyvant and let me know your thoughts!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


{ Image via Glamour }

As a girl who grew up in Seattle (where Nordstrom is headquartered, and where my mother worked for many years), I have a special place in my heart—and my closet—for this particular department store and its famed Anniversary Sale.

I've seen the sales floor from both sides (I worked in The Rail over summers and holidays in college), and thanks to behind-the-register observations, a few cases of buyer's remorse and more than a few "It's mine!" moments, I've learned a thing or two about shopping this 2-week long sale. People love this one because it specializes not in marked-down summer stuff but new season finds that will return to their regular price once the sale ends.

On that note, it's easy to lose your head (and a sizeable chunk of your disposable income) on purchases that felt right at the time but ultimately might not feel as special as their price in a few months. And so behold: my 5 best tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale like a pro:

1. SHOES, SHOES, SHOES: Historically I've found that the shoe department tends to be one of the most hectic spots to try and snag a deal during the Anniversary Sale—so shop these online! It's easy to talk yourself into just about anything when the price is right, but be realistic: What do you need? Where are the holes in your closet? Personally, I need a great pair of simple heels for a wedding in August, so these playful blue suede Enzo Angiolini sandals will do the trick. And while they're not necessarily on-trend, I always find a reason to wear flat, black leather boots at least once a week in the fall, so these classic tall boots from Tory Burch would be a worthwhile investment. (I'm also a big fan of sneakers (duh) and have my eye on the Nike 'Internationalist' for fall!) 

2. DOUBLE DOWN ON DENIM: In my experience, my favorite pairs of premium denim are rarely on sale. That's just how it is. Jeans aren't seasonal, and sell well consistently, so deals can be few and far between. The Anniversary Sale has some wear-them-for-years styles from Frame Denim, J Brand and more at great, temporary prices—so it's a prime time to invest. Look out for Paige's 'Skyline' skinnies (I love the fit of these everyday jeans), J Brand's 'Lovestory' flares (nail that AW15 70's vibe instantly) and the J Brand 811 skinny jeans in black (essential, obviously).

3. THE DESIGNER SPLURGE: Ah, the elusive #NSale Easter egg! If you can find that perfect and appropriately expensive piece in your size, you'd be foolish not to snatch it up. But beware the draw to have something designer just because it's on sale. Make sure you love it. Make sure it fits (or can be tailored). Note the materials. Need some ideas? Consider this cool Rag & Bone white shirt or this gorgeous Vince hooded coat.

4. LOAD UP ON HANKY PANKY: If you, like most women I know, have come to worship Hanky Panky's signature low rise lace thongs, now is the time to stock up. True, they are expensive undies no matter how you slice it, but if you love them, this is the time to splurge on a few pairs.

5. LITTLE THINGS, BECAUSE #TREATYOSELF: For all the rules and smart tips you can implement when shopping the Anniversary sale, sometimes you have to let yourself have something you definitely don't need. A cool new iPhone case? Yep. Another wide-brim hat? KAY. Pretty little stud earrings? Indeed.


Monday, July 20, 2015


After seeing the Henri Matisse: The Cutouts exhibit at the MoMA earlier this year, a series of simple blue nude figures stuck in my mind. Graphic, striking and subtly sexy—I was suddenly inspired. I had to have them! Luckily, these works are quite popular and widely available on sites where you can purchase art online. (I found mine via here and here.) 

The prints are enormous—about 24 x 32 inches each. I knew that I wanted the frames to be special, and to have a classic, timeless look that I could carry with me long after I've moved from our little place in the East Village. To accomplish this, I turned to the designers at Framebridge—a completely online custom framing service that allows you to either ship them or upload artwork, and then preview the final product in any one of their framing options.

Tessa Wolf, Frambridge's Creative Director, sent me options to look over as well as some ideas about why each frame worked well with the Matisse prints. But the frames were just the beginning! I had a lot of questions about what came next: choosing a place for my art. I convinced Tessa to take a moment and answer some framing and decor questions which, I hope, will be as helpful to you as they have been to me!


Thursday, July 16, 2015


Besides all the sunshine, beaches, and breezy outfits, there's another reason I love summer: It gets me reading again. With more travels scheduled than the other nine months of the year, hours passed while spread on a towel in the sand or in an uncomfortable seat 35,000 feet in the air—it's a great time to remind myself how much I actually enjoy reading. I'll admit that in the winter I'm woefully hooked into watching shows and movies—a habit I try to break at least three times a year.

After my trip to Newport Beach, I'm almost all the way through The Girl on the Train, a fast-paced, easy-reading thriller by Paula Hawkins. If you loved Gone Girl, you'll like this one too—which centers around the disappearance of a young, beautiful married woman. Told from the perspective of different characters, it'll keep you engaged from beginning to end (I hope...).

Once I finish that (should be just a day or so now), I'm going to jump right into One More Thing, a collection of short fiction stories by B.J. Novak. I bought it at the airport in case my phone (and iBooks app) died in flight—and can't wait to tear into it this month.

Come August, I'll be heading to Seattle and Sun Valley for 10 days, with plenty of free time and flights for reading. Hence, I've stocked my Amazon cart with quite a few books I'm hoping to read before summer's end. And okay, realistically I won't get through these before the end of the year—but it's good to have ambition, no?

Anyway, on the non-fiction front, they range from humor-meets-psychology-meets-dating with Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance, to fashion writing in France with Kate Betts' My Paris Dream. With fiction my reading list varies from the unburied treasure of Harper Lee's Go Set A Watchman to the hotly anticipated debut novel from Julia Pierpont, Among The Ten Thousand Things.

*If you need further recommendations, here are a few more books I've read in the past year or two and enjoyed emensely: All The Light We Cannot See; Station Eleven; Where'd You Go Bernadette; The Ruins; and if you haven't read The Secret History (by Donna Tartt, who wrote The Goldfinch, do it right now.Yes, it came out in 2004—but it has remained a favorite of mine for years.)